‘Saving lives is the most satisfying feeling’

‘Saving lives is the most satisfying feeling’

May 12 is International Nurses Day


Kiphire | May 11


A mother of five now, Noklentula Sangtam found her calling to treat the sick in the early nineties. She has been a nurse for 27 years now in the Kiphire District hospital.


Sharing her personal journey in the profession on International Nurses Day, Noklentula recollects: “when I first join the profession at Kiphire Hospital there were only two GNMs and one ANM. So we had to work day and night round the clock 24×7 for more than a decade since there was less man power.”


“Many a time someone would ask me to come to their place for treatment and out of compassion I even went to their houses because during those days, early nineties the situation was very tense,” she remembers. “When I went to the patient’s house, I used a big lantern so that people would see us and my husband used to accompany me most of the time,” she adds.


For the past 27 years now, Noklentula has worked with more than seven Medical Superintendents and eight Head Nurses. She is also shouldering extra responsibilities and helping her colleagues as the sister in-charge for more than 20 years now, as the Head Nurses who were posted in the district couldn’t come to the district most of the time due to multiple health problems.


“Most of the time, I voluntarily used to sacrifice even my precious five day entitled leave a month to see the I am of little help to the patients and also to my colleagues. However, most of the time in every sunny bright morning we are greeted with scolding or quarrel with patients, which may be due to frustration due to inadequate equipment’s to cure their ailments,” she rues.


While going largely unacknowledged for her tireless efforts to health care in Kiphire, Noklentula however received some recognition when she received an award during Independence Day in 2005.


Recollecting her earlier years in the profession she says: “there are times where we have to perform operations by candlelight but we were satisfied because we could at least save someone with the available resources we had.”


Looking back with satisfaction Noklentula says she is very happy to have had the opportunity to save lives. “I have come across many complicated cases which we referred but due to financial problem they use to say dead or alive Kiphire hospital is the end so with no option we tried our best. And during those times with the help of God and our intervention many have child births happened.” The confidence and trust of the patients are essential, she states, while maintaining that this has enabled her to stick with her profession for so long. “Though we have very less equipment we make the best use of it and have saved many lives which is most satisfying thing in life to happen,” Noklentula adds.


On International Nurses Day, she called upon her fraternity rededicate and recommit themselves to this noble profession whatever the situation may be.


Gov extols nurses for their service


DIMAPUR, MAY 11 (MExN): Nagaland State Governor, PB Acharya today saluted the service and determination of all Nurses working in the public and private sector of the state on the occasion of International Nurses Day 2018. He stated that the day is celebrated around the world on May 12 (birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing) to mark the contributions nurses make to society. The Governor, in a press note today, said that nurses are the largest group of health professionals, who are the closest and often the only available health workers to the public.


He said nurses have a great responsibility in protecting the health of the growing population as well as to contribute towards better healthcare and medical services. Today nursing has evolved into a profession with wealth of skills and professional knowledge, he added. Governor Acharya said that sufficient, adequately trained and motivated nurses are essential for the health of the population and encouraged them to give their best every day. The Governor also called on the citizens of Nagaland to thank all nurses for the dedicated work they do every day to achieve good health and life for everyone.