SC-ST conclave for Kiphire Aspirational District held

SC-ST conclave for Kiphire Aspirational District held

Lithrongla G. Chishi Commissioner & Secretary (I&C) addressing the entrepreneurs at the District Level SC- ST conclave held in Kiphire on March 23. (DIPR Photo)

Morung Express News
Kiphire | March 23

District Level SC-ST conclave for Kiphire Aspirational District was held on March 23 at Hopongkyu Memorial Hall, Kiphire which was attended by local entrepreneurs, District Administration, HODs, NGOs and Kiphire Town Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

Gracing the inaugural of the conclave as special guest, Lithrongla G. Chishi, IAS Commissioner & Secretary (I&C) said it has been two years since Kiphire was declared as an Aspirational district but how many people even know the meaning of Aspirational district saying that the main reason behind declaring Kiphire as an Aspirational district by the GoI was to improve the overall development in Kiphire where the people can have a sustainable and comfortable life.

Urging upon the gathering to make the best of the conclave, Lithrongla G. Chishi stated that SC-ST Conclave in Kiphire will be a fruitful and meaning full one if 5 -10 entrepreneurs is benefitted through the conclave saying that we don’t look for quantity but quality.

She also appeal to HODs posted in Kiphire to be sincere in executing duty stating that one should not simple go to Office just to draw salary,
‘As a good Christian if we don’t go to church on Sunday it’s a sin so as if you don’t go to office that is also a sin, so if all the HODs carry out its responsibilities and look after the district there will be change in development,’ she said.

Commissioner & Secretary (I&C) stated that no matter how much GoI and Government of Nagaland may talk about bringing up the aspiration of the people, bring up education to certain level, if the people of the district themselves do not try it will be difficult to bring about any tangible change.
Expressing concern over the low literacy rate in Kiphire district, Lithrongla asked the education department to take corrective measures to help improve the quality of education and literacy rate of Kiphire citing that Kiphire literacy rate which stands at 69.55 as per 2011 census was far below the state literacy rate of 79.55.

On PMEGP loan given to local entrepreneurs Commissioner & Secretary (I&C) mentioned that as per the report Kiphire is the best district in term of PMEGP loan recovery however she stated that “we should not only be talking about loan recovery, we are be talking about how many PMEGP facilities or enterprises have come up over the years.”

She also asked the local entrepreneurs to do away with the habit of availing PMEGP loan just to take the benefits of subsidy but rather use it to uplift economy and create employment.

She further asserted that even if Aspirational district goes on for 10 years, if you do not have commitment and change of mindset district will never move forward,
“Cchange of mindset and hard work will take the district forward, this conclave is the right opportunity to hammer out the problems facing the district, give your all and make yourself not only a successful entrepreneurs who can create employment not only for your family, district but also for the State,” Lithrongla added.