Screening at Cannes of Netflix’s ‘Okja’ stopped due to heckling

The Cannes Film Festival stopped the world premiere screening of the Netflix movie “Okja” after five minutes on Friday after sustained booing and slow clapping from the audience. “Okja”, starring Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal, is one of the hottest movies at this year’s festival but divisive because U.S. video-on-demand company Netflix has refused to screen it in French cinemas. Audience members started heckling partly because of the dispute, and partly because the cinema had set the screen to the wrong ratio, cutting off the edges of the picture, said audience member Ernesto Garratt, a journalist with the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio. “They were booing for both reasons,” he said. Staff adjusted the curtains at the side of the screen and restarted the film from the beginning shortly afterwards. The audience booed the Netflix logo when it appeared on screen for a second time then settled down and applauded at the end.


Source: Reuters

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