Seek your Keys to life

Seek your Keys to life

Dr. Keyireusap Ndang: On slow days at work, I sit and ponder if I’m happy, if this is what I want, if this is what I see myself doing for the next 40 years. I know many people who would chew others raw for the position some of us occupy today, heck! Many people don’t have a job to start with, so no work for them and that’s a different struggle all along. So what are the keys to life? Well time to sit and ponder some more…


Keeping aside the educated unemployed youth, who fight a different battle each new day, struggling to make a mark for themselves and here I truly believe a majority of our youth never live up to their true potential. So hang in there, keep heart and don’t give up, your time will come. GOD has a plan for you, so seek and find ‘your’ keys to life.


Now to the rest of you who actually go to work. Is this your dream job? Do you believe you make a difference in shaping the lives of the coming generation? Is your role at work justified or is it just a means to make ends meet? You think you deserve more or are you content with whatever life throws at you? A good majority monotonously go about their day waiting for the 30th of each month to turn that frown upside down for that one moment of contentment! So is that your key to life?


Should we find satisfaction in the money we make or do we dig deeper in the search of satisfaction at work? Leaving behind the theory of money being the root of all evil, is money also the only root to being happy? Or is happy still defined by feeling content, being pleased, good fortune and convenience?!


Back when we were children, we all wanted a piece of the world and couldn’t wait to grow up. But as we age, all we really want is to be happy! Very few people find satisfaction at work; it’s either an obligation or that stable income which keeps us from finding our key to life. Someone correctly put that salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams. Well if you’re happy, cheers to you, but to those of you who believe you have not reached your potential, question the kid inside, you just might get your answer, after all that kid did want a piece of the world to begin with.


Fortunate enough to have started my professional career in a mission hospital, I found joy and satisfaction in my ability to help people beyond reason. At a time when medical expenses could blow your roof, my work gave me immense pleasure to be able to do so much charity work and help multiple patients and their families financially, while treating them back to good health.


Due to the long hours put into work, I always came home tired, ate a plate full and had the luxury of a good night’s sleep as I hit the pillows (that is if there was no night duty). I remember as a child my mother telling me that if you get good sound sleep at night, without the struggle to count sheep or read a book to fall asleep, you’ve had an honest productive day. It never really made much sense to me until I started working. Makes me wonder how SOME people sleep with endless numbers of people cursing them each night. Well, may GOD give them the wisdom to humble themselves before it is too late!


Despite the long hours at work, endless patience and odd meal timings, one grateful family or one heartfelt ‘thank you’ would be enough to melt my heart and make my day, putting my physically and mentally tired body to sweet slumber.


Having to climb the ladder higher for professional growth, my new venture has taken me to the capital where I’ve been accepted at a rather prestigious hospital. Apart from the perks and its reputation, the institution seemed more like a corporate set up to me and life in a metro as it turns out isn’t really my happy. Maybe the need to help my own people has finally caught up again and I crave to return home with more determination and knowledge to do my bit in making our land a more hospitable place, as we NAGAs were once known for. At a time when the fire for a better tomorrow has been ignited in our land and the lines – ‘for the people, by the people and of the people’ seems to be coming to light, I praise the ALMIGHTY for finally bringing us all together towards a common goal.


Hunt for long term prospects rather than immediate gains because I believe that the humanity in us grows when we help others and not just ourselves. Learn to say ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’, learn to be grateful for what you have and humble yourselves before your fellow men and women. I know that I leave you with more questions than answers but as I work through the struggles in finding my keys to life, I hope you understand that there is more to life than being stuck in a rat race where you may not belong. Find your ‘happy’ and there lies your keys to life!


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