Senior citizens, the harbingers of faith prayers in Nagaland

Praying for the sick


Imna Imchen

Silas Care Centre, Signal Phom junction; Dimapur


The power of faith prayers, which we have witnessed over the past century is losing its popularity and it is being replaced by a more systematic and theologically correct prayers. However, one cannot deny the power of faith prayers of many believers that has withered personal as well as community storms. The dying tradition of faith prayer is very much limited to senior citizens and the individuals bat orn during the revival era of 1952 and 1976. Faith prayers focuses less on its presentations and put emphasis on faith. Faith, as mentioned in the book of Hebrew, states that, “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the convictions of things not seen.”


Silas Care Centre is a faith based ministry, primarily focused on pastoral counseling and senior citizen’s day care. Senior’s fellowship, which is held every Monday, has been a flagship program at Silas Care Centre since its inception. Every Monday, an average of 15 to 25 seniors gather for the fellowship. The symphony of the fellowship is herald by the serenading voices of the seniors. The word of God and testimonies has always been the pillar of the fellowship. However, the power of the fellowship derives from the faith prayers of these seniors. Every Monday, they put their whole heart, soul and strength to pray for strangers whom they might never meet again. Many testimonies of healings, breakthroughs and blessings are echoed every Monday.


The power of faith prayer has been underestimated and undermined in many local churches as well as at homes. Many Christians feel that they are not righteous enough to muster the faith required during prayer. Many more are sidelined on the assertion that their method of prayers are outdated in the fast paced technically engineered prayer lives. Many more feel that they are too old in age and even lacks proper understanding of the Word to say powerful prayers. Such assertions of misconceptions and misunderstanding of prayer have led many to lose faith in faith prayers.


Many seniors today are the harbingers of faith prayer Christians. Their prayers might not be eloquent nor poetic; not systematic and often repetitive sometimes; coarse and even very long. But they pray from their heart, a genuine conversation with their heavenly father, whom they have never seen but believes against all odds that He is listening. It is such faith prayers that turns the world upside down. Many have shared the testimony of how faith prayers have broken the chains of addictions, bondage and pain.


It has been an absolute joy worshipping together with the community of senior citizens who have withstood trials and sufferings, those who have severed multiple life storms, faith tested and tossed around by strange doctrines and new gospels but holding firm on to the only living power – faith prayers.