Senje Apothecary: New face of Beauty, wellness and skincare

Senje Apothecary: New face of Beauty, wellness and skincare

A homemade natural skin-care and wellness products from Nagaland

Products of Senje Apothecary. (Photo Courtesy: Instagram@senje_apothecary)

Morung Express News
Dimapur | February 3

Beauty, wellness and skincare consumption seem to have become a ritual yet slathering oneself with chemicals, parabens, and silicones every single day!

Instilling curiosity and finding passion in a parallel and unexplored endeavour, Moakala Magh began questioning ingredients, labels and formulations of chemical-based beauty products.

Embarking on a two years journey of fervent independent research, she cited that “many products of instant result contained more junk or are just effort to sell.”

She, a wife and mother of three, juggled her roles at home, and routinely harnessed least 7 hours during her two years research.

As her interest grew and after much experiments, trials and errors and given the availability of plant and herb variety in the state, Moakala started Senje Apothecary last year in May- a homemade based line of 100% natural skin-care and wellness products without preservatives.

She themes it ‘Age Gracefully’ adding with the impetus, “to educate people to be comfortable in one’s own skin.” Senje is a Rengma dialect meaning “may it go well with you.”

Prior to founding Senje Apothecary, she has worn several hats business wise, “I traded leather goods to bridal boutiques in Dimapur’s New market, and later sold off everything to invest in my research.”

Inside her home compound in Padum Pukhuri, Dimapur, a room is dedicated as her lab and store.

Under the label are more than 40 products. To name some- Shampoo bar, soaps, scrubs, lip balms, hair growth serums and acne potions, face masks, eye shadows, green teas, other edibles and more.

For instance, Products like lip balms are also edible or some ingredients used contain natural preservatives. “The shampoo bar or coconut soap and lip balms have been more in demand. Herbs and plants I mostly use are given to farmers for cultivation,” she shared.

Moakala considers her initial start as a process of instilling trust and familiarity not only on her product alone but to natural beauty products.

Prized at affordable or sometime very cheap as compared to other local products, she undoubtedly braces stereotypical questions on quality and packaging. “I use simple packaging to save on costing and at the same time keep it affordable for everybody.”

“As homemade and handmade as it is, the blender is the only machine I use and are made in the demand of the clients so to ensure that products are not stocked too long,” this she substantiates as she also asserts that quantity or profits alike matters little.

Her first nose of exposure came during this year’s Hornbill Festival. “Now 70% of my clients are domestic tourists,” Moakala reveres. Other than that her products are directly sold from her home store or sold in stores in Mokokchung, Kohima and Dimapur.

Products of “Senje Apothecary” are available at Ilando and can be reached on its Instagram account (@senje_apothecary).