Short Term Music Course students graduate from GCTC

Short Term Music Course students graduate from GCTC

The graduation ceremony for the 16th Annual Intensive Short Term Music Course was held at Golden Crown Theological College (GCTC) on June 13. Golden Crown Theological College offers this summer course every year, roughly from May 15 to June 15 annually. It aims to target youth directors, music directors, and music enthusiasts with or without prior music education. In this month long course, with 4 hours of daily music education, the students are taught basic music theory, Solfeggio, Sight-singing, basic conducting, and Choral singing.


The award for the highest scorer in Music theory was awarded to Matevei and Keriluin. The awards for perfect sighting-singing were given to Keriluin, Matevei Rameh, Akhyo P. Kikon, and Lirenbeni Patton.


The one-month old choir, which consists of the 30 students, sang 5 Choral pieces. All 30 candidates passed the course and were each awarded a certificate of achievement.


A word of encouragement was delivered by Thomas Ngullie, Ex-Minister, where challenged the 30 candidates with a promise to bring them back for another event in the future, where each of them to train up individuals from their respective churches and gather at the college for a friendly competition.


The teachers for this summer course were Honily Sumi, Avoni Odyuo, Mharhomo Kithan, and Rev. Dr. Nzan Odyuo.