Shrinking Democratic Spaces

Thepfulhouvi Solo

There is a spiritual dimension in a secular Government; it is the democratic Space in its governance. The Government has immense power to do good for the people; it has the same power for harm the people, depending on the principal policies it pursues.

Sprent Dabwido was the former President of Nauru, with 6 cabinet Ministers in an 8 sq mile Island Nation with a total population of 11000 in the Pacific Ocean off the Coast of Australia. Years ago, the former President made an agreement with the Government of Australia to make detention Camp in Nauru for immigrants coming to Australia, before their papers were properly scrutinized and admitted to Australia if found proper.

Things went wrong and allegations of mistreatment and sexual abuse of women, children arose in overcrowding in the Camps. One Iranian immigrant immolated himself in the Islands’ airport in protest. Naurus has prevented Foreign Journalists from entering the country to investigate. New Zealand stopped Aid to the country because of the country’s undemocratic Laws and the USA asked Nauru to control its Offshore Banks alleged for Money laundering.

Many things went wrong and finally lying in his deathbed of cancer, the former President Dabwido said:

“It was a deal with the Devil, I thought it was a right thing to do.”

The Government of India since 4 years ago has progressively constricted the democratic spaces in the country; criticism of the Government is threatened with charge of Sedition. Restriction on free Speech in Educational Institutes has increased; dissent has become almost a crime. The religious rights of the minority and Dalits have been constricted; mistreatments of the low castes have increased. The majority government has become increasingly arrogant. It is distorting history, saffronizing the education system and constricting freedom of learning Institutes but increasing magnifying the Hindutva cultures.

There is palpable spread of Hindutva forces in the education centres and decrease in facilities to the SC/ST communities. The eating habit of the citizens is increasingly become controlled, there is apprehension in the atmosphere for the under privileged, they live with more and more in sense of Insecurity.

There must be an end to this spreading sense of undemocratic disposition of insecurity in the country. The burden is lies mostly on the shoulders of the Government lift.