Social Democracy: Public opinion

SN Garret

Political platform – where people share and express political views, assessment and truths of political reality, is a sacred medium for the people of the state to exercise their natural rights curtailing within justice, equality, unbiased and sensible exchanges and confrontation among citizens; and opinions that has more empirical validity of data and appeals to the senses of the mass, inadvertently gains popularity among the mass that resonates to candid recitation of political atmosphere, where the direction the society is headed, is steered and reflected. In democracy, the freedom of speech is a liability and privilege every citizen unconditionally inherits via the certification of birth right. Here, freedom of speech to relay in public platform is emphasized. It is also comprehensive during tendentious impartation in public platform bigotry is discouraged as it derails the credibility of the statement. A citizen has every right to dissent popularly held view if something in his gut and intuition tells him otherwise that has more merit upon implementation; and this is one where democracy in its vibrant exercise could get hyped. But politics being a medium and apparatus for production, the collective wellbeing and betterment of the society becomes the top priority rather than merely consoling embrace for coercive subscription.


But the mandate of the popular mass plays a vital role in ascertaining contingencies surmised through collective tangibility of variables discussed and shared during discourses on public platforms. For an efficient transpiration during exchanges of views, as mentioned above, during dissent, the panel should allocate a frame of time and circumstances for to contest the popular views – this way, people could have access to more data, perspectives, and information that could amalgamate in sourcing a more definite framework of outcome, for the mass to discern and give assent.


So the nature of pure democracy defines, everyone and anyone could impart and express their views; the platform is not confined for the educated, literates, intellectuals and academicians alone. Any citizen comprehending the political nature and state of being, without prejudices in political symmetry, has the liberty to share his/her view in public… simply because, our state/society is a collective hive contract, and every sentient component shares the exact equal right than the other. During dispensation of lingua franca, speakers format in expressing and communicating suffuse formal, academic, technical, casual and upfront or global attributive in exchanges, and maintains an unbiased verse in incitation, or adheres to incline when traits are brought to indentify as the system reclined being tainted owns no merit.


Political platform is a sacred metaphorical pedestal where the right and straight views and opinions occupy the potential of having manifested for our collective future, and the sanctity of this platform cannot be compromised or defiled. There cannot prevail discrimination and injustice maneuvered subtly but tangible in mass and still linger. People can compromise even on severe imbalanced tides but the system cannot be defiled. This impugns the very nature of the system which exists to protect the rights of the citizens even in the matter of chronicle cessation, absolve and absolution. When the system is tampered and undermined for incessant span via innuendo and indent of aberrant and measures, it also sort out by default methods to dispose the radical anomalies and conform to recuperate sensible realignment the system serves to impart. It becomes imperative for the commentators to hold accountable of their statement and display of unbiased principles only also prerequisite to pretentious layers where sensitivity pertaining to issues auctions subtlety of rhetoric because in reasonable discourses, the compartment of indicators equated has to be exchanged (of its relevance with circumstances). Else, there either is a reasonable communication in vent where possibilities and probabilities could be crafted with respect and regard, or unreasonable row where the panel could nullify unsound defenestration of validated accounts already revised and reciprocated among sundry.


This is just an attempt in underscoring the permutation of discoursing public opinion which exhibit a vital medium of infrastructure for the public to interface that serves as an immediate modem to address and highlight public sentiment and perception towards growth, governance, and current state of being.