Social media changing face of business for Akuminla Jamir

Social media changing face of business for Akuminla Jamir
Akuminla Jamir, owner of Obsession Boutique located in Walford, Dimapur.


Vishü Rita Krocha
Kohima | May 6


For young people starting out in business today, social media has proved to be an indispensable tool. Young mother of two, Akuminla Jamir, has gone on to open a physical store under the name ‘Obsession Boutique’ in Walford, Dimapur after she successfully ran her business online for over five years.


Having married at a young age of 21 right after her graduation, she started building her business around social media and strongly asserts that one should stop depending on government jobs. “I want to encourage our youngsters by saying that we have many options. Especially these days, social media is very powerful and there are several ways and means to follow your dream,” she puts across.


If somebody like her, a mother of two whose hands are full, can manage a business then young people with free time can do so much better, she opines. Social media has clearly changed the face of business for Akuminla even as her business in clothes and unboxed perfumes through Facebook ( and Instagram (obsession_online) has grown over the years.


Obsession Boutique, she says, was opened this February only out of customers’ demands.


Talking about the unboxed perfumes, she says, “They are from the company but the bottles are a bit old or not in good condition, which is why they cannot sell in their outlets. As a fragrance lover myself, I have ventured into this business.”


Akuminla sources the perfumes from suppliers who get it from big luxury labels like Chanel, Gucci, Versace, Christian Dior, Prada, etc and are sold at half the price or even less. Guaranteeing 70% authenticity out of 100, she shares that there has been one or two complaints in the past, but overall the reviews have been good.


“Before they place order, I tell my customers that I cannot guarantee 100% authenticity but most of the time, they are happy to settle for it even if the fragrance does not last as much as the original does,” she adds.


Besides Nagaland, she also supplies the perfumes to wholesalers in the neighbouring states like Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, and Manipur while there is Cash on Delivery Service all over Nagaland. Within the State, she receives orders from as far as Mon and Tuensang.


As for the clothes, she sources them from Bangkok. Since ‘Obsession Boutique’ opened in February, she has gone there thrice, filling the store with latest trends. With the growing demand of customers for wedding dresses as well, she hopes to open another store exclusively dealing with wedding dresses in the near future.


Owing the success of her business to her husband’s support, Akuminla expresses that he has been there from day one. “He lets me follow my passion and without my family’s support, it is impossible for me to run it,” she states.