Do social media positively contribute to the larger winding discourse on issues confronting Nagas? How?

Do social media positively contribute to the larger winding discourse on issues confronting Nagas? How?

 Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

  • Atleast to some extent it has created outlet for people to express their opinion. This itself is quite healthy and much needed in out society.


  • Yes, to me it feel and sensed. It act as think tank where people across globe exchange views and ideas. Most of the social revolution were offshoots of social media impact. Otherwise why government first target to ban social media. Indeed there is positive as well as negative but mostly positive I presumed. The thoughts we inject in sm were seen in word and action. Because of why, For some people they took it as mission and evangelism that through one’s home since it touches the human conscience forgetting about self generating and expectations of exaltation.


  • Yes only to the point that it has created the space for people to air out their frustration and concerns. But beyond that it has limited contribution.


  • Yes, social media has given space for more people to share. Many things that are shared in social media may be negative having adverse effect on society, but some positive has also happened.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

  • At least for the present scenario. Some of us are not that much aware about the power and influence of social media. Engaging in unnecessary argument rather than a healthy debate to personal attack and demeaning someone as less Naga. Our people are divided on the basis of geo-political boundary. We are not that open minded. We are not forgiving. We are holding our grudges and anger and just to lash it out at our own people from different geo-political set of boundary. This must change.


  • Just looking at the trend of accusations and counter-accusations it looks like most of our young Naga in social media do not even know their own history. How can it be positive when they do not know where they have come from?


  • No, most of the social media is being used by the younger generation. The age group from 20-45 is most active and are the ones initiating the discourse on social media. Unfortunately the narrow mindedness of most of the people from this age group is taking the Nagas down the gutter. It is pathetic.


  • A bag fat no. we know which media house cling to which political party visa-viz its political master contrary to media house should be a fence sitter to deliver to the society. Every strata of our Naga society had reached saturated point and about to exploit. Lets all strive together to change Nagaland a much better place to live in.


  • We Nagas are not using social media in a constructive and positive way. We have tribalized social media. Rather than using it positively to discuss the different discourses confronting the Nagas, the social media is being used to advance the stand of individual tribe, political parties and factions.


  • No because we are not ready yet to utilize it in the proper way.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

  • In the world the social media is playing a constructive and revolutionary world I should say. It has revolutionized how people communicate. It has also created awareness on so many issues. For constructive contribution of social media it needs constructive minds. At present there are too few constructive minds in Naga social media.


  • Some days back Rev. Dr. Keyho the General Secretary of the NBCC said about pseudo-knowledge in the local newspapers. Really I agree with him. There is too much pseudo-knowledge in the social media. Everyone claims that their opinion is the best and everyone thinks like they are the expert. My friends, real life is very much different from your pseudo-knowledge.


  • We need more responsible people in social media sharing. Right now it only looks like people who have nothing to do are in social media.