Some clarifications about the Naga Club

Certain controversies come to haunt the NAGA CLUB from time to time. Even individual opinions on the Club and its history given in public domain at times are found to compound certain confusions and to the extent of destroying facts.


The Naga Club, therefore, in the meeting convened on Thursday May 10, 2018 decided on whatever may be the intention of those who take interest in sharing their personal opinions on the Naga Club pertaining to issues so raised and give the following clarifications:


1. The nomenclature of Naga Club and its history speaks for itself that the club was formed as an inclusive socio-political club and not as an exclusive European Club of recreation and entertainment.


2. Mr. A Kevichusa on 28 June 1983 recorded about the beginning of the Club which says, ‘It was for general interest of Naga people that the first Naga Club was established by stalwarts Hisale, Levi, Khosa and others and the same should be maintained.’ It has also been recorded that the Club was taken care of by seven different gentlemen as Caretaker, successively from 1918 to 1966. Today, Mr. Khyomo Lotha, Ex-MP is the only one who is still alive from amongst the Caretakers.


3. After a period of sixteen years from then, the Naga Elders Conference convened a public meeting on 7 January, 1982 at the Kohima Village Panchayat Hall and six Office Bearers of the Naga Club were elected. But from amongst those Office Bearers, Mr. Kewezü Mero is the only surviving member today. There is immense justification in being grateful for their reasonable services.


4. There has been no record that the Naga Club has ever conducted any membership drive since its inception. Furthermore, the Club also remained dormant for sometimes.


5. For this reason, some concerned persons belonging to various Naga Tribes therefore, with a humble aim of reviving the Club met several times and finally convened a meeting inviting representative of various Naga Tribes of Nagaland on 2 June, 2017 and duly elected the existing Office Bearers of the Naga Club. They are, therefore, competent to convene Naga Club Meeting as necessary.


6. Moreover, it is highly regrettable to see that some of the most respected Naga citizens such as Ex-Speaker of NLA, Ex-MP, retired senior bureaucrats, etc were being termed as dick and tom Nagas by a senior citizen of Nagaland. It is perhaps not the language of a noble senior citizen.


7. It is finally to state that the existing members of the Naga Club are jointly resolute to protect the legacy and history of the Club for the interest of the people of Nagaland under any circumstances.

Issued by the Naga Club