Stakeholders deliberate on addressing climate concerns

Morung Express News
Kohima | December 14

A consultative workshop of stakeholders for revision of Nagaland State Action Plan on climate change was held on December 14 at Hotel Japfü, Kohima. The workshop was organised by the Department of Forest, Environment and Climate change in accordance to the directive of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of India.

Representatives from the department of water resources, GIZ, fisheries & aquatic resources, animal husbandry & veterinary, PHED, NASTEC, Kohima Science College, Nagaland University, NBRM, municipal affairs, and agriculture department were present at the consultative workshop. CTRAN consultancy service presented on overview of the State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) and presentations on several missions of Sustainable Habitat, forest, energy, water, sustainable agriculture, strategic knowledge and health.

In his keynote address, M. Mhonbemo Ngullie, Additional PCCF (Territorial), Department of Environment, Forests and Climate Change highlighted on the global climate change taking place for the last few decades with Nagaland witnessing the impact by way of changes in rainfall patterns, weather outbursts and increasing natural calamities. Ngullie also briefed the gathering on the Nagaland State Action Plan on Climate Change (NSAPCC) which focuses on seven sectors that is agriculture and allied sectors, forest and biodiversity, health, energy, urban habitats, water and sustaining livelihoods in mountain ecosystem.

A steering committee was formed in 2011 which was followed by meetings, consultations, workshops and studies to develop the document on the action plan. Ngullie informed that the nodal department for the NSAPCC in Nagaland is the Department of Forest, Environment and Climate Change with three priority areas namely water, agriculture and forest. Ngullie also added that the consultation workshop is more of a review of the SAPCC where stakeholders will be discussing about sustainable way of living and strategies to addressing the climate concerns in the State.
According to the organisers, the current version of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) compliant SAPCC is being developed under the supervision of the State forest department in consultation with the key nodal departments of the State with support of GIZ through M/s CTRAN Consulting. The current version is developed covering two broader aspects of which the first part being the assessment of the status of implementation of the actions proposed under the existing SAPCC and identification of the key challenges faced by the nodal department in its implementation. The second part is aimed at identifying possible adaptation and mitigation actions in line with the developmental priority of the State government, its effectiveness towards addressing the climate change concern and enhance the sectoral resilience, target proposed under the NDC and sustainable development goal commitments.

The stakeholder’s consultation workshop is aimed at obtaining the interdepartmental overview on the proposed climate actions towards institutionalizing of possible convergence, ensuring ownership and facilitation of its integration in the developmental planning.