Eyiekhrote Vero
Pfutsero Govt. College


How long or how many generations are we going to talk about our state being under developed? In recent years, developments like employment opportunity in public as well as in private sectors have come up. But these openings are too little as compared to the requirements of the youths. The question is; Do the governmet undertakes long run benefit or sustainable development programs for the citizens as a whole? The answer could be negative. In spite of very few opportunities been available for the whole State, justice and fair means in filling up the vacancies are still under attacked on the ground of favouritism and political. The government of the day is unable to meet the major need of the people especially in handling our youths’ employment issue. Representatives of different constituencies are also seems to be working on favouritism ground.


Students and children may be 20 percent of this generation but they are 100 percent of our future. However, the government, instead of taking proper measure and care for their development and career, seems like exploiting the students and creating a serious effect on their lives. The non disbursement of Scholarship by the concerned authority is affecting the students especially to those who are waiting for it to clear their fees and to pay their fees for the upcoming academic semester or year. The students are indebted with loans and financial problems that are affecting their future course of studies. This is the most discontentments that students have with the government every year and will continue to have discontentment till the justice is done-that is the disbursement of scholarship in full. It is also sad on the part of the students to have experienced the fact that education department is alleged to be one of the most corrupted departments in the state. Another problem faced by our educational system is the appointment of teachers on favouritism and not based on qualification. This is effecting the education of the students especially the primary and secondary students. Many primary and secondary students are suffering from either lack of teachers or unqualified teachers which are affecting their studies. The government fails to undertake measures best suited for the benefit of the students.


Road condition is another problem faced by people in the state. Accidents happen and vehicles are being destroyed mainly due to bad and deteriorating roads. Pedestrians find it difficult to walk on roadside due to narrow roads and in fact they end up in meeting accidents. When it is raining the road has turned into streams and during dry season it used to become dusty causing serious health hazards. Yet, the so called ‘VIPs’ do not care about the people, traffic and other vehicles in spite of narrow and deteriorating roads.


These evidences are clear enough that the young people and students have doubts and question about the governance system of our state. We talk about the corrupt practice of our government. We talk how; the so called “leaders” have exploited the poor and the dependant people in both urban and rural areas. No matter how good their speeches and promises may be, ‘we doubt their leadership´. ‘Enough is Enough’, we have seen enough comments on present day government. It is enough to keep on talking and commenting. It is time for every young people to wake up and realize the truth and do the right thing to secure our future. It is also the responsibility of everyone to be faithful and responsible for a better future. Let us stand together to bring about change and a better future so that we may live in harmony and peace.