Status of Tuli Paper Mill

Chuba Jamir
River Belt Colony, Dimapur

It has been sometime we’ve not talked about our industry Tuli Paper Mill. The mill has been defunct for some years now, and I feel that we, as citizens of Nagaland have a right, as well as a duty to know the status about it. The Government of India has time and again been trying to revive the Mill in words and deeds. As per the new DPR the Government of India has approved to sanction amount of Rs. 679 Cr. out of which an amount of Rs.100 Crore has already been released for its speedy revival on 19.09.2013.


The Nagaland Pulp & Paper Company Limited (NPPCL) reportedly has received only Rs. 33 Crore from the above amount and though with limited fund, the NPPCL has been trying to uplift the mill by machinery maintenance, renovation of the building and so on. The old rusted machines are being sold out on scraps to release them with new ones. The rehabilitation works is being suspended since 2015. It is pertinent to state here that the salary of its employees are still pending, forget about other service benefits. In such a scenario, I feel that we have a right to know when the funds are being released and to whom the funds are being pumped in.


For instance, out of the 100 crore rupees that has been released, reportedly only 33 Crore has reached the concerned authority, i.e. the NPPCL. So, where are the rest? The Naga public in general and the Government of Nagaland in particular should dig into the matter as to how public funds are being vanished without any trace. We have a right to know.


It is such a shame that we are sitting idle when the Government of India is rendering assistance to revive the said Mill. I urge upon the Nagas, spearheaded by the apex bodies and the Government of Nagaland to claim what is rightfully ours.