STDCM Meitei community to agitate next week

Newmai News Network

Imphal | September 11


The Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee of Manipur (STDCM) of the Meitei community is likely to resort to strong forms of agitation from next week onwards, if the State Government of Manipur fails to send recommendation to the Central Government for the inclusion of Meetei/Meitei in the Scheduled Tribe list of India by September 15.


On August 31, the STDCM had served a 15-day ultimatum to the Biren Singh government in this regard. Based on this ultimatum, the STDCM has said that till date nothing concrete was seen coming forth from the State Government side in this regard. The 15-day ultimatum expires on September 15.


According to the leaders of the STDCM, preparations have already been made to launch the agitation. “But we will wait till September 15 whether to see the State Government pays heed to our demand or not,” said the STDCM leaders.


According to the STDCM, Meiteis settled in Assam also will support the campaign of the STDCM.


Bhogendrajit, General Secretary in-Charge of STDCM had already said sometimes ago that their movement had started in the year 2011 but the government was not paying any heed till date. He also had said that their movement for the “inclusion of Meetei/Meitei community in the Scheduled Tribe list of India is to get constitutional safeguard of the community as in the case of other tribes in the state”. The STDCM also said they had submitted a memorandum in this regard to the Governor on November 30, 2012.


STDCM leaders said they had talked with the present government of Manipur on October 24, 2017. They also said that the talk was quite encouraging then.


“But after some rounds of talk with the government things seemed to have grown cold,” STDCM leaders rued. The STDCM leaders also said they had urged several times to the government to resume talks but till date no response has come forth.


“Our demand is genuine and constitutionally right,” said the STDCM leaders. They also said they we will continue with their demand till they achieve it.