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Students in school uniforms drinking openly in Nagaland

Eliz Chungmir: DNSU, NSF and other Student bodies Where are you?
Sometimes on my way to work I have to cross the booze joins opposite Dimapur Circuit house and I come across so many students in their UNIFORM inside as well as outside the booze joins! Girls included!
We all know only too well how it is affecting our society. Adding to it the bad image carried back by visitors for outside(from within as well as outside the country) visiting the historical Ruins, Super market bazaar and lodging in Circuit house.
I'm sure it is happening in other parts of the city too.
Something should be done about it. Be it the Student bodies, Police/Administration or Social organizations. If you are Listening!!
Limaonen Longkumer:  Do you find any resemblance between the state of affairs of Nagaland in 2011 and the USA of 1920?
American Mafia activities were restricted until 1920. They exploded because of the introduction of PROHIBITION. An example of the spectacular rise of the Mafia due to Prohibition is Al Capone’s syndicate that "ruled" Chicago in the 1920s. Similar scenarios occurred in other US cities as Italian gangs fought each other and other ethnicities for control in the lucrative bootlegging rackets. Victorious factions would go on to dominate organized crime in their respective cities, setting up the family structure of each city. Despite alcohol production and consumption being made illegal, there was still a high demand for it from the public. This created an atmosphere that tolerated crime as a means to provide liquor to the public, even amongst the police and city politicians. The high demand and consumption made bootlegging the most lucrative crime and turned local criminal gangs into large crime syndicates. While illegal stills were used to make alcohol, most of the country's illegal alcohol was imported from Canada. Further expanding the Mafia's power was Benito Mussolini ruthlessly cracking down on the Mafia in Sicily during the 1920s, which led to many Mafiosi fleeing to the United States.
The Solution to root out Tribalism?

Kevitho Kera:  My Parents "Kevitho you will only bring home an Angami Bride". Yes I have an Angami Girlfriend not because she is Angami but she is a nice Human Being and I love her.
"Never marry an Angami or Konyak Guy because they are lazy and they treat girls like slaves". "Never marry an Ao girl because they dominate the Husband".
 "Never marry an Ao Guy because they are flirty".
"Never marry a Lotha because they are a Miser and very Cunning".
"Never marry a Sema girl because their family members huge Semi-Dowry" etc.
I think it is time we Nagas cut this Bull Crap! In fact to do away with Tribalism, we should encourage Inter-Tribal Marriages. Yes I may sound Cliche' but we are Nagas, our Tribe's culture may differ a little but what if you really love him/her or he/she really loves you? I don't think its Utopia to believe that one day our Naga Cultural lines will diminish.
NAGA JOKES: Naga Accented Lines

An Angami simpleton once was told by his wife to get g-strings from Dimapur. He goes to the Lingerie shop and asks" Dukaa Maalit itu elaastit te suuta rushi thaka Onderpant pabo"???!!!!!
An Ao and Angami in a hotel. Angami " Dukaa maalit goohoori peknari et plake goron goron aru tsa(chaa) et cut anibi phata phat" The Ao guy" Tokaan maalik Borey(puri) egg(ek) blaade(plate) anipi toh"
The Ao to the angami " Amaar khan colony kansel (council) khan feevoary (february) te Begneg (Picnic) Tsuko(dzukou) te chapo li asi"
The Host in a variety show in Mokokchung " Itya Temsu Mar laka bacha Kombo Karadi(Kungfu karate) diknik (Technique) suko olai diya laka Diknik dekha bo!!"
A Lotha Father on being asked if Renben is at home on the phone " Ango RRRRRenpen toh ghor te naitho Toorrrrrrrrrr te Kerrrrrrrrket khilibola jaishe"
A Konyak elderly narrating his story " Aya aji toh Assam Laiphon (Rifle) khan Langkhang Langkhang (Rangkhang) te phayeling (firing) kura toh gooti toh gola taak poonchi she bhoi para"
A Zeliang playing Football falls down and shouts "Aya Muscle Case Muscle Case (Muscle Catch!!!!)
And last a Chakhesang youth Director in a youth camp giving his Sermon: "And Jesus was TRUCIFIED!!"

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