Students’ union Aoyimkum celebrates silver jubilee

Students’ union Aoyimkum celebrates silver jubilee

(Left) Dr. Pangernungba Kechu speaking as the theme speaker at the SUAD Silver Jubilee at Aoyimkum, Dimapur on December 18. (Right) MLA Moatoshi Longkumer releasing the SUAD Silver Jubilee Souvenir.

‘Goal of education is to draw out the best’

Morung Express News

Dimapur | December 18

“As students, one must have clear vision and a set purpose, while being confident enough to define your own life,” said Dr. Pangernungba Kechu, Professor, Oriental Theological Seminary speaking at a programme in Dimapur on December 18. He was speaking as the theme speaker at the silver jubilee commemoration of the Students’ Union Aoyimkum, Dimapur (SUAD). 

According to him, circumstances compelled the Nagas in general to transform from a primitive way of life to a modern system much too quickly. “Young people today are caught in different worlds,” he said, while equating it with a dilemma of playing multiple roles – that of being modern, a Christian, a tribal, allegiance to the village and being a Naga all at the same time. 

In such a situation, having a clear purpose notwithstanding the challenges would shape one’s own destiny, he said. 

“As a teacher, I have come here today to question you, challenge you to find a way out. You have to engage and transform yourself for the better.” 

An unwavering thirst to seek knowledge as stamped in the jubilee theme- ‘Tsüngchi Shisashir’, while isolating one’s weakness and exploiting the inherent strengths will “make a difference in your life,” he asserted. 

Stating that the goal of education is to “make you independent and draw out the best in you,” he challenged the students to becoming ‘Tsüngchi Shisashir’ by subjecting one’s conscience to questioning relentlessly. 

Citing the opportunities that modernity has to offer, he said that education can come in many forms, for instance, taking advantage of the internet. 
As parents, he said, “We have to allow our children to evolve” and refraining from putting undue pressure to achieve things “we dreamt of becoming but could not.” 

MLA from 2 Dimapur II AC, Moatoshi Longkumer, who released the jubilee souvenir, said that jubilees are as much as introspective as it is celebratory in nature. While stating that the future is for the youth, he said that such occasions call for introspection and charting the future.