Sumi community urged to be agents of transformation

Sumi community urged to be agents of transformation

Zunheboto town celebrates 75 years of existence


ZUNHEBOTO, NOVEMBER 13 (MExN): Coinciding with Ahuna festival, the people of Zunheboto today celebrated the 75 years of Zunheboto Township with great pomp and gaiety.


Addressing a mammoth gathering on the occasion at public ground this morning, Chief Minister TR Zeliang termed the day as a ‘red letter day’ and urged upon the Sumi people to be agents of transformation.


“As Zunheboto town marches on to its next milestone of 100 years in another 25 years time, the Sumi people should be agents of transformation so that Zunheboto town will turn into a role model of a 21st century town with an enlightened citizenry,” the Chief Minister said, according to a CMO press release.

The Chief Minister also announced that Zunheboto which is known as the ‘land of warriors’ be changed and called as the ‘land of peace and prosperity’.


“A spirited people, Sumi’s are known for their courage, dash and boldness and Zunheboto has produced many well-known Naga leaders, the Chief Minister said while urging the people to strengthen their resolve and look ahead to the future with renewed understanding and hope.


Over the years, Zunheboto has grown steadily from a tiny hamlet to that of an ADC Sub-division in 1958 and subsequently a full-fledged district in December 1973, he said.


The Chief Minister felt that Sumis being forthright by nature; they possess great capacity to mix freely with others. On the geographical front, he said Zunheboto is uniquely located in the heart of Nagaland, thus sharing traditional boundaries with other Naga tribes like Angamis, Aos, Chakhesangs, Changs, Lothas, Rengmas, Sangtams and Yimchungers.


Likewise, in the Western and Northern Sumi areas, they share common boundaries with Zeliangs, Kukis, Kacharis, Karbis, Pochury and Assamese except Konyak, Khiamniungan and Phom. Such geographical proximity with different tribes has allowed the Sumi’s a unique position in terms of inter-tribal relationship- building among communities, thereby being harbingers of creating harmonious co-existence over long periods of time, the Chief Minister noted.


The Chief Minister also credited the Sumi community for the indomitable spirit displayed in the last century where out of the 2000 Naga members of the World War-I Labour Corps, 1000 were Sumi volunteers or 50% comprised the Sumis alone. He espoused confidence that this indomitable spirit of the Sumis displayed in the last century would help propel them into the 21st century as well.


On their contribution to the Naga National Movement, the Chief Minister said it was “our Sumi brothers who took the lead and were in the forefront from the very start of the movement till today.”


“Consequently the sacrifices made by them for the Naga cause is undeniable and legendary. What we need today is the cooperation and support of each and every Naga tribe for bringing about a permanent peace through an inclusive, honourable and acceptable resolution of the Naga political problem,” he said.


On this note, the Chief Minister appealed “our Sumi brothers to come forward and extend whole hearted support to our collective efforts towards resolving the Naga issue.” “Why I say this is because the GoI and NSCN (IM) have been in talks for a fairly long time and today the 6 NNPGs have also entered into dialogue with the GoI. This is, therefore, considered the most opportune time for us Nagas and the GoI to resolve the over 6-decade old Naga political issue once and for all.”


Also keeping in mind that different factions and armed groups have come together seeking solution to the Naga political issue; the Chief Minister urged the civil societies to play a catalytic role in bringing the different political groups together.


Earlier, the Chief Minister unveiled the monolith erected in commemoration of 75th anniversary of establishment of Zunheboto town.


Cabinet Ministers, Advisers, Parliamentary Secretaries, MLAs, SP Zunheboto, President, Ao Senden, President Sumi Hoho, pioneers and former DCs, State Government officials were present on the occasion.