Do you support NBCC’s stand to oppose in totality the social, cultural and religious codification into a single entity as uniform civil code? Why?

Do you support NBCC’s stand to oppose in totality the social, cultural and religious codification into a single entity as uniform civil code? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. I full agree and support NBCC’s stand to oppose the proposed uniform civil code. I think this is the first time that NBCC has made a clear stand that is worth acknowledging. Infact, the response of NBCC on this UCC is much more clearer than the position that has been taken by other organizations. Well done!

• NBCC has done the right thing for the country’s minorities

• Yes, I fully agree with NBCC because uniform civil code in a pluralistic country like India is impossible. What the central govt is mooting has a hidden agenda to impose Hinduism on all the citizens of India. This idea should be given up because it is a declaration of war.

• Who else is there to stand up for common people if not NBCC? Therefore, I fully support NBCC on UCC.

• NBCC took the stand not only for Christians but for minorities in the country. We must stay in support of NBCC.

• Yes…absolutely NBCC need to work this time.. This is their mater to look after n checked which is totally against the religion….

• The religious bodies and civil societies have every right to convey their view and messages to the government and the public; what they think is right and good for its people.

• Religious organizations are the right organization to speak against the evil design brought by the politicians in the name of party in politic. As a true Christian, the preachers must speak in the church platform against the political party who is playing against Christian ethics. The time is ripened to every preachers to called black is black and white is white.



Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No. Religion is our belief and it should not interfere with the law per se. This code will help everyone, both man and woman when seeking help regarding our welfare and it will help us to achieve what is right for us by legal means. For women it is right to inheritance and for maintenance if the husband left her for some other women and vice versa for men too. This code will be very useful for everyone in the long term, though its a cliche-we live in a globalized world, and we need the law to protect us.

• We should not mix the religion with the politics and tribalism.

• NBCC should focus on saving souls and not poke its nose. First study the consequences of prohibition act and bring solution for it. Then you can come out with UCC issue.

• Religious organization should stay out of administration and politics. It should simply just stay out of it. History has proven again and again (and it’s still proving) that these two just don’t mix. NO.



Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Its funny that the oppositionless government has so far not said anything on this. They should be the first ones to speak out against the Uniform Civil Code.

• For Nagas it is high time to review more critically Article 371 (A). We keep using this article for everything but we all know that it is very narrow in scope. The UCC debate should be an opportunity to discuss Article 371 (A).