Surprise over announcement of Noklak to district status

• CKS happy for the people of Noklak

• Rengma Hoho feels ignored but no complaints with Noklak becoming a dist


Morung Express News
Dimapur | December 22

It appears the announcement concerning the upgrading of Noklak sub-division came as quite a surprise. While the demand to carve Noklak as a district out of Tuensang is not a new development, the suddenness and the state government choosing to confine the announcement within the governmental circle without making any effort to publicly announce had many wondering whether it was official or just another rumour or an electoral ploy.


In the absence of an official public announcement or press release, the media were clearly in the dark, in particular, the authenticity of the ‘Notification’ issued by the Chief Secretary dated December 21, 2017, which circulated in social media. After several attempts to various quarters, the Chief Secretary late on Friday night responded with a “yes” to whether the ‘Notification’ was authentic or not.


It was no different in the eastern districts. A meeting of the Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO) was in progress at Tuensang as the ‘Notification’ started circulating on December 21. ENPO members, who attended the ENPO meeting, said that they were not aware of the development till it started circulating.


Normally, as per government norm, No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the adjacent or bordering areas/communities is required in such circumstances. No such NOC was obtained before the announcement, an ENPO member said.


The Chang Khulie Setsang (CKS) president MP Nokshang said that he had to rush to Dimapur early today to confirm the news. Nokshang said that the CKS met the Chief Minister today in Dimapur. Stating that the CKS have no complaints whatsoever as regards carving Noklak out of Tuensang district, he added that he is happy for the people of Noklak – the Khiamniungans.


As regards the obtaining of NOC, he said that there is no issue over it rather a more pressing matter is the fate of 6 Chang villages (Chingmei range) which fell under Noklak administrative sub-division. “These 6 villages have expressed a wish to remain under Tuensang district,” he said.


While stating that this issue should be cleared before the inauguration of the new Noklak district, Nokshang added that the Chief Minister assured the state Cabinet will have a seating soon in this regard.


In Tseminyu sub-division – the home of the Rengmas – the ‘Notification’ was received with a tinge of discontentment. Rengma Hoho president Kenyuseng Teb expressed unhappiness that the demand for upgrading Tseminyu to district status remains ignored. “Our demand is already submitted (to the government). Why we were ignored, only the government will be able to answer,” he said.


He though maintained that the Rengmas in general have no complaints with Noklak becoming a district, while adding it bodes well in terms of development for the people of the area.


On the question of the government using the recent spree of upgrading administrative circles for electoral gains, he said that if at all that has been the motive it is unfortunate. He added that the Rengma Hoho will be letting its displeasure known to the government.


Efforts made to reach out to the Khiamniungan Tribal Council were unsuccessful.


Health & Family Welfare Minister Imkong L. Imchen when contacted said that the state Cabinet gave the approval to upgrade Noklak to district status on December 20. He maintained no secrecy was involved in the decision making rather “it was a long felt demand of the people of Noklak.” He added the inauguration will occur in the New Year.


The Chief Minister could not be reached for comment as his official phone number remained out of reach. Geology and Mining Minister P. Longon, who represents Noklak constituency, also remained out of reach.