Educational Extortion in Nagaland

Educational Extortion in Nagaland

GL Khing: FOR PRINCIPALS, STUDENTS & PARENTS:- Selection Exams for Cl. X & XII are over in most of the Schools in Nagaland. I still wonder as to why the Schools have to collect money under numerous reasons or agreement with parents. Eg.: Caution deposit, Coaching fee, Re-exam fee (if failed in 2/3 subjects), etc… […]

Jobs for Rent: Nagaland Govt Teachers

Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon: Congrats to all the shameless teachers keeping proxy for putting Nagaland again on the spotlight for all the wrong reasons!   Kaam nakuri kena poisa khai thakia tu paap pabo de!   Teaching especially in Rural areas is a Missionary work! Those are not ready to become missionaries to educate the rural […]

Church and Politics

Kevitho Nightwing Kera: I do not agree to some certain practices of some Churches:   1. ‘Forced donations’ is one. To build a church or to celebrate something, some churches dictate donations in the form of certain percentage of government servants’ salaries are cut say to build a church building. Remember first of all God […]

FootHill Road

Kevin Yepthomi Naga Even after more than fifty years of statehood, and we are yet to witness good roadways in Nagaland. Right from farmers unable to transport their produce, to patients dying before reaching hospitals, and public spending crores of Rupees in repairing their vehicles damaged by what we call ‘roads’.   It is appreciable […]

‘Trafficjam in Kohima’

Meshenlo Kath 1) Greatly effecting our economy by reducing the working efficiency to minimum.   2) Great possibility of patient’s death on their way to hospital.   3) Many more problems… (You know it better what difficulties you face)   Let’s not play the blame game and sort out strategies how to overcome this problem. […]

The controversy of Naga headgear/Traditional attires

G.L.Khing: Is it necessary for Nagas to transport their traditional headgear and attires upto Delhi to appease someone (as many politicians often do)? Today, we blame Shashi Tharoor for his seemingly negative comment on Naga headgear. But the same blame should be shouldered by the one who gives. It is not necessary to give Naga […]

Does free and fair elections take place in Nagaland?

Does free and fair elections take place in Nagaland?

Filafi Fithu: Lately we’ve all been hearing about the unlawful activities that take place on voting days like booth capturing, physical violences, forcefully removing minority voters from the line, snatching away of voters slips etc etc while queued up to vote. Does everyone everywhere (be it from majority or minority) get to exercise their legal […]

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