Tajen Ao road construction is scant & unsatisfactory: ASUD

Dimapur, September 13 (MExN): The Ao Students’ Union Dimapur (ASUD) stated today that the recent work on the upkeep of Tajen Ao Road (previously known as Circular Road) in Dimapur has been “scant and unsatisfactory.”


“It is disheartening to notice that even after the release of a staggering amount of Rs. 19.4 crore, the workmanship remains scant and unsatisfactory. Moreover, it appears as though the construction firm/company is in a hurry to complete the project; in the process, the quality of road has been compromised,” observed the ASUD in a press release from its President Lanutoshi Aier and General Secretary Moayanger Jamir.


It took note of a press release made from the office of the Chief Engineer, PWD (R&B) that stated, “The plying of heavy laden vehicles especially carriage of sand from Assam side was also a major reason which caused damage to the road.”


“By giving such a statement, is the department expressing that it is not capable of maintaining sturdy roads over which trucks transporting sand and other essentials can ply upon?” wondered the students’ body.


“To claim that trucks from Assam are one of the reasons for the deteriorating condition of the road is absolutely ridiculous. Instead of taking the public for a ride by making lame excuses, the department should admit to the fact that it has failed to perform its duties; this is not the first time its corrupt actions have been exposed in the public realm,” the ASUD maintained.


The Union asserted that “good roads, like all other basic amenities, are part of citizens’ prerogatives.”


“To be denied such is tantamount to abject violation of human rights. It is the commuters in general and students in particular, who suffer silently on a daily basis due to the deplorable condition of our roads. The patience of the public has been put to the ultimate test as a result of the numerous crises that have surfaced in our state in recent times. After all the hardships the public have put up with, the last thing we deserve is a slap on our faces in the form of bad roads,” noted the body.


Promising to “closely monitor the work in progress,” the ASUD hoped that respective councils along the Tajen Ao Road will also “step in and continue to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the laid-down protocol and the concerned contractor(s) be made responsible for ensuring durable, all-weather roads.”


Lauds city bus initiative

Meanwhile, the ASUD lauded the efforts of Kesonye Yhome (IAS), Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur, for introducing city buses during the recent bandh called by the Dimapur District Auto Drivers’ Union.


The ASUD requested for the resumption of city buses at/from strategic locations “since their rates are fixed at reasonable prices and have proved to be a more reliable means of transport especially for the student community.”


The Union noted that “While auto-rickshaw rides are often exorbitantly charged and keeps fluctuating, buses provide easier and cheaper means of travel to the public in general.”


“In light of the above statements, it is hoped that bus transport, if resumed, will be a welcome change while easing travel woes of Dimapurians to a great extent,” it concluded.