Take your planters game to the next level with POT & POTS!

Take your planters game to the next level with POT & POTS!

Rongseninla Walling

Dimapur | July 3


Pick the perfect planters for growing succulents, cactus, herbs, flowers and other plants for both indoors and outdoors; plus find tips for choosing the best planters for your space at the ‘Pot & Pots’.


Gardening has become one of the fastest growing pastimes in Nagaland and the trend towards succulents and cactus as decorative houseplants have become a staple among the Nagas. Gardeners of all ages and experience rely on pretty looking and practical planters to jazz up their porch, patio, yard or home.


This played in advantage of Timothy Chalai, owner of Pot & Pots an authorized dealer of Yuccabe Italia. “Initial reason was we do not have a specific shop for pots, planters or vases and the current trend of keeping cactus and succulents as the standard choice of home décor has become the next big thing,” says Timothy while introducing the idea behind Pot & Pots located at Duncan Basti, Dimapur.


He says that the concept was to give people an easy access to purchase different types of pots, planters or vases from one shop.


FoxB Products

Timothy shares that to begin with and to try and see the market demand, he bought the FoxB brand. FoxB is one of the biggest brands in India. FoxB products adorn both indoors and outdoors of private residences to hotels, malls, hospitals and corporate offices such as Airtel and Reliance, Select Citywalk mall, New Delhi, DLF, Fortis, J W Marriot, ITC, Ansal etc, he informs.


Timothy also realized that the planters and pots he sees in malls were nowhere to be found in the market in Delhi so he started doing a market research trying to locate the shop that sells the planters and that is how he discovered the brand- FoxB.


“Whenever my family and friends go to malls in Delhi they see the pots and they want to buy for their home, they would search for the planters in the market but couldn’t find them anywhere. That was when I decided to do a research on the planters and gardening supply industry business and that’s how I discovered the brand,” said Timothy.


The FoxB, Yuccabe Italia price range starts from 500 to 4500INR.


LED Planters

Gradually it was observed that whether people are buying pots to plant flowers or to keep as a decorative item for indoors or outdoors, the demand for stylish planters is on the rise. There is a huge rise in the trend toward a more modern look, matte blacks, gray and white in sleek lines and geometric shapes planters.


Timothy is delighted to inform that LED planters are now available at Pot & Pots. The LED planters make the plants grow and look beautiful at night and offer you a great environment as well. They also have self-watering pots and Hybrid polymer planters which are not only lightweight but also very contemporary and elegant.


Fiber Reinforced Plastic item

The best type of planters for flowers and plants in which you want to combine contemporary design and functionality is fiber planters. These planters are designed as lightweight and maintenance-free which makes perfect sense for you to grow flowers and plants both indoors and outdoors.


“I’m bringing another type of product line known as FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) which is a 100% fiber planter,” says Timothy. Fiber planters can keep the moisture lock in for a long period of time so you don’t need to water your plants and flowers every day and they are also frost-proof, which means you can keep these planters’ outside your home or office all year- round.


Fiber planters are not only lightweight and have a vast array of colors and styles but they are also very inexpensive.


For more information find POT & POTS on Facebook and Instagram @potandpotsdimapur or mail them at potandpots@gmail.com


Rongseninla Walling, a post graduate in the Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing, YMCA New Delhi is currently an intern in The Morung Express.