A tale of two contrasting stories

A tale of two contrasting stories


Atou Belho

People from Phek district have put their Trust up to another level.No shopkeeper.Get the items you want and put the money inside the box. Amazing to see such things still exists in our Sate besides all the corruption going on.


Chozhule Kikhi 

This is what happens in other developed countries as well. For example, I had a chance to work with florist in obihiro (Japan) through ARI.We made bouquets with several price tags, placed on the high way. People just come, pick their own choice, drops money in the box and go.What a psychological torture and waste of time sitting on the pavement / road side & selling the whole day just to get a small margin. Policy planners need to wake up. People need to be more trustworthy.


Tokuto Assumi 

I feel very comfortable and feeling proud to be Naga, of seeing such kinds of trust and honest in our state in this present generation. This is real life i love it, and also appreciate to those who start these kinds of business idea. Hats off


Joy Zeliang

This really is great. A big lesson of and on mutual trust, based upon the principle of honesty. If we trust, we are satisfied. Do I and my tribesmen have this attribute is the question I put on, to myself. Let’s not give chance to all those vegetables vendors to loss trust on ‘US’, help them to grow more and together let’s grow and attain greater height we couldn’t even imagine at this point.


Hirato Chishi Swu

Such shops are find in most trusted, rare and honest inhabitant side, it’s civic sense is twice more advanced ahead than the Japanese transaction machinery, vending shop. No need of using camera, no bargaining as rate are at reasonable price, no shop keeper, no battery or electricity and no remote control to wait for or press over. Just an honesty without technology, it is find only in paradise where outer influence has not yet disturbed the smooth flow of their cultural value. It is an precious inheritance of their ancestral ties that has passed down to their nature where people from outside find it so to strange to learn their ethnic society. Please carry on with that flow and keep on influencing that better nature as it is a better example for other humans to wonder and ponder over the lovely honest people. IMPRESSIVE PEOPLE OF THE LAND! Honesty is the best policy! Where other phase is – Thieves’ are beaten up by police.HONEST ONES ARE STILL DISCOVERED IN THIS CRUEL WORLD OF GREED.


Namdo Nbung

This picture is taken from Dimapur and the funny and shameful thing about this picture is some foreigners took photos and probably we might be the laughing stock in other countries.. Friends the municipal bodies cannot clean the whole city on their own if we don’t participate..it is everyone’s responsibility..and some people just throws empty plastic packets on the open places..come on who’s gonna clean that for you.. We really need to work out on this problem.. Just look around while you are reading this and see whether there are plastics around in open places.. There! That’s the problem!. sorry but had to share


Abito Zhimo

My Nagaland My corruption State No Sincerity Workers No Dignity Deptt..No Good Leadership And mos are Phaltu public no civic sense Rotten from Head to toe Are likely shown in this Photo..But I love My Nagaland upai naii.


Narosenla Longkumer

I have been living in middle region of India for 3 years now. And believe me, their streets are more cleaner than ours. Whenever I go back to Nagaland, I see Nagas + non-Naga people spitting and throwing without a second thought. Nagas even eat more pans than them. I have a lot of non Naga friends and non of their parents eat pan or tamul. I actually learnt from them to keep the city clean.


Allen Imsong

People say “how we react to situations/comments” tells a lot about us. Please take this in good spirit:1. I have some good friends from mainland India who were honest enough to tell me that “You Nagas are still backward. You got to change your ways”. I totally agreed because we are backward. I took it in good spirit. And I have in no way labeled them as “racist.” 2. If Indians are clean, then India won’t be the dirtiest country in the world. 3. If India is clean, then Abdul Kalam would have never compared India with Singapore and lecture us. Gandhiji once said “Sanitation is more important than independence.” Why? He also said that India will develop only when we learn to take care of our “women” and “wastes.” 4. Just because Nagas have some scientists abroad does not make us advanced. Likewise, some clean people and towns in India cannot label India clean. A people or a society is defined by the majority. And India has a population of 1+ billion people. 5. This is 21st century but India is still known for open defecation. I don’t think there are many Nagas who still do. I have never seen a Naga defecating openly while I have seen hundreds of non-locals do in Nagaland. 6. I have never said that non-locals are the only ones that dirty Nagaland. I don’t mean that all the Nagas are squeaky clean. No. But we are much cleaner than our plain counterparts. And our land has been polluted in many ways after their arrival. 7. Lastly, if I have offended any Indian friends by this comment, then I am sorry. But truth is bitter. We have to take it for healing. Just as I don’t mind being called “backward” so should you.