Tangkhul Naga France Labour Corps Football Centenary

Newmai Network
Imphal | December 5


Manipur Minister of Social Welfare and Cooperation, Nemcha Kipgen, today inaugurated the Tangkhul Naga France Labour Corps Football Centenary, which is organised by the Tangkhul Naga France Labour Corps at Tangkhul Naga Long Ground, Ukhrul district.


During the commemoration of the 100th year legacy of football games by the Tangkhul community, the Minister expressed, “The Tangkhul Labour Corps (Football Team) which played in France in 1917, a hundred years ago must have been taken as part of the Labour Corps from Manipur… The fact that the Tangkhul Labour Corps had the idea and the enthusiasm to form their own football team is a true reflection of their strength, energy, vigour, sportsmanship and general positive attitude.”


Minister Nemcha reminded the gathering that Manipur is proudly considered as the sports power house of India and further encouraged all to ensure the youth of the State shine further in the field of sports and bring more laurels for the country.


As part of the occasion, Araang Football League was also started.