Taxis also an unregulated business in Nagaland?

C Akum Jamir



Taxis are predominantly used by people with mobility problems and people who do not own cars to perform trips which would have otherwise been impossible. This section of people comprises more than 80 percent of the population. Bus services particularly the Nagaland State Transport is expected to cater to a larger amount of the demand and taxis should play the role of plugging the gaps that are left by bus and other modes. But sadly this is not the case in Nagaland.


The sudden disappearance of Dimapur- Kohima taxis in the designated stands and the trend of sudden fare hike by taxi operators particularly in Dimapur and Kohima is a common phenomenon. In many situations you are charged anywhere between rupees 500 & 1000 for a 74 kilometer distance between Kohima and Dimapur! The deplorable National Highway condition is an excuse but is there any authority to regulate and monitor the system? The drivers and the brokers in the stations turns out to be most insensible and roughneck towards the commuters. The repeated incidents of such episodes only reflect the mentality of the people living there including the responsible administration and the poor income opportunities given by the government.


The Yellow, the yellow and black stripped, and colourful (without a taxi license) are the three types of taxis available in Kohima. Actual fare is just on papers, they charge different.
We need to correct this.