TCLPeF not to accept ‘any kind of imposition’


Changlang, August 10 (MExN): The Tirap-Changlang-Longding People’s Forum (TCL PeF) today said that it will not “accept any kind of imposition on our land and people on the lndo-Naga political settlement.”


“The GOl must take serious note of our sentiments and must take us into confidence before the final settlement is reached to the long pending Indo-Naga issue. We demand a threadbare discussion with us on our future,” stated a press statement from the Forum President N Changmi.


“While we agree and honour the sacrifice of hundreds of Nagas from Nagaland; for the sake and cause of the Naga people, it is also equally true that, many of them have opportunity to taste the fruit of Naga national movement after signing of accords and agreement whereas,” it said adding that Nagas particularly in the three district of Tirap-Changlang and Longding were “left in lurch and abandoned long before.”


In 1963, when Nagaland state was carved out with special provision under Article 371(A) by amalgamating some of the Naga areas which was then under NEFA, it alleged that “they were left out” because the Naga leaders never “attempted to reach us and were least bothered about us and left us to our fate, impoverished and in penury.”


“This decision of the Naga leaders at that time has taken serious toll on our socio-economic and political life,” it said.
“We don’t want the same history to be repeated leaving us behind high and dry” the Forum said adding that the Nagas outside Nagaland has also immensely contributed for the “Naga cause and by virtue of being a Naga we have every legitimate right to know our fate and future.” “If the GOI fail to address our concern we will be left with no choice but to do what will be good to protect our interest.”