Teacher Training Workshop for Classical Guitar

Teacher Training Workshop for Classical Guitar

A Teacher Training Workshop for Classical Guitar got underway at the Hope Center for Excellence, Dimapur on Thursday. The workshop is being conducted by Paul Cesarczyk, a Polish-born American guitarist and guitar teacher.


Sponsored by the Indian Guitar Federation (IGF) and co-sponsored by North East Zone Cultural Centre (NEZCC), the workshop is being hosted by the Nagaland Classical Guitar Society. About 25 participants have joined the workshop and they include guitarists and guitar teachers from across Nagaland, Northeast and Kolkata.


Speaking during the inaugural of the workshop, Avik Saha, President, IGF, stated that “music just brings people together” and expressed hope that Nagaland would hold onto music. “Any society which has more musicians than lawyers will succeed” Saha quipped.


Saha informed that the IGF would continue to hold such workshops so that teachers of music can receive training regularly.


The Teacher Training Workshop is based on the graduate pedagogy course Cesarczyk teaches at Mahidol University, College of Music in Bangkok, Thailand, where he serves as the Guitar Department Chair.


Even though the workshop is primarily aimed at guitarists, Cesarczyk informs that the course can be appreciated by non-guitarist. The theories he will be teaching is applicable to any type of musician, he says.


Cesarczyk informs that the workshop will comprise of a series of lectures combined with teaching demonstrations, master classes as well as group lessons – where they will combine to form an ensemble.


“I hope to be able to give participants a background on guitar technique, philosophy, interpretation of music and performance,” Cesarczyk says.


For Cesarczyk, Classical Music can help develop skills for life. “The skills that you get in classical music is not only for performance but it also helps develops other skills. For e.g. music develops focus, music helps develop personality,” he says. “In general, music helps society and culture,” he adds.


As a teacher, Cesarczyk keeps himself motivated by seeing the potentials of students. “I am motivated to bring that potential out,” he says. As a performer, however, he motivates himself to musically express “a thought or a feeling” to the best of his ability.


Cesarczyk has performed widely across the US, Europe and Asia and has been teaching guitar for about 20 years now. His dedication in teaching has produced numerous prizewinners in national and international competitions.


Cesarczyk is a recipient of several prestigious awards including the Andres Segovia Award, the Aaron Copland prize from American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), the Artists International Award, a Kosciusko Foundation Prize and an Artistic Excellence Award from the New York State Senate.


The 6-day workshop will conclude with a short classical guitar recital at the Bundrock Memorial Chapel at Patkai Christian College on April 28 at 5:30 PM.

(Morung Express News)