‘Teachers inspire young minds to be free thinkers’

‘Teachers inspire young minds to be free thinkers’
Kiphire district Teachers Award recipient with others during the celebration of Teachers’ Day in Hopongkyu Memorial Hall, Kiphire. (Morung Photo)


Morung Express News

Kiphire | September 5


Celebrating Teachers’ Day along with the rest of the nation, in Hopongkyu Memorial Hall, Kiphire Longdiba L Sangtam, SDO(C) lauded the teaching community for playing a role of change makers in society.


Extending welcome address, Kilangsangla Aonok, Asst. District Education Officer remarked that teachers inspire the young minds to be free thinkers and more democratic in a fast changing society.


Stating that the role of teachers is indispensable to society, the SDO (C) said that teachers are the second parents of the students and therefore, teachers are in a position to guide and motivate students to dream big. Congratulating the nine teachers who were awarded the Teachers Award, he expressed hope that students will benefit from their rich knowledge.


The programme was chaired by Adiba L Sangtam, vote of thanks delivered by Lesicho Sangtam, President ANGPTA, Kiphire Unit.