Th. Muivah, as I know him

Tongmeth Wangnao

Member of Collective Leadership,


Much has been said about Th Muivah and the NSCN, especially by those who oppose him. I am constraint to write anything on personal line in any manner, but since it is also a matter that affects the nation and society I am compelled to write my personal views of who and what Th Muivah is:


At the outset, it is said, it was first the Angamis, the Chakhesangs and the Sumis who came in contact and had told our Tangkhul brothers, “come on, we are all Nagas, why not we fight against the aggressors together?” Accordingly Tangkhul brothers came forward and did their best. Heavy fighting took place against the aggressors followed by installation of Ceasefire covering their areas too. Mean time Th Muivah was elected General Secretary of the NNC by all Nagas. He was again told to led Alee command which he successfully accomplished even at the cost of his own life. He has been defending the cause of the Nagas till today.


When his Mission could not be put to an end the Indian leaders declared that Nagas case is not military or law and order issue, but political one. It is nearly 20 years now since negotiation started and I have not seen any weakness on the part of Th Muivah when dealing on the Naga issue. He is the greatest fighter and the best negotiator I can say. “If India respect the history of the Nagas then Nagas would respect the history of India even ten times more”, is a words of wisdom. Basing on that GOI had officially recognized the Uniqueness of Naga history and situation years back in 2002. Now the latest step we are undertaking is, “since Naga history is unique so also solution be unique”. It is my humble appeal, to all those who are weak in wisdom but full of jealousy, to be calm at this critical juncture, as solution is at the door.