The Confused Nagas

Rutu Thurr

Student, Dept of Mass Communication
Patkai Christian College (Autonomous)

Looking into the conditions of Nagaland, it can be ascertained that not much has changed when it comes to development in true sense. All round development right from governance to facilitating the society with infrastructural development there has been gaps. As compared to other states, Nagaland is still grappling with the issue of weak density of proper roads, connectivity, and other infrastructural needs.

The state has not been able to tap sources for revenue generation and continue to be a begging bowl in the centre. Though the centre has significantly funded the state in various developmental schemes, the state has not been able to match up with other states that are comparatively doing better.

The common political discourse is that of ‘bringing change’. It is uncertain what ‘change’ the leaders wish to bring but in election campaigns the visions and claims were high. However, it is hard to believe if the public will vote based on the visions of the candidates or will be an issue based. As a matter of fact, money and muscle power have over powered the society. Money has blindfolded the eyes of the society.

Money is made as the power to rule, where a candidate with money is looked as powerful and has more possibility in ruling the government. The mindset of the people of Nagaland had become so narrow where they keep on feeding the worms that harms.

People often talk about change, but are we working on it? We talk about clean election, but how much have we contributed in achieving clean and fair election? At the end we only look confused for we don’t really know what we want and neither do we envision to bring that ‘change’ we dream of.