The contribution and suffering of Naga Women for Naga Nation

Kevileü Chakrüno
Vice President,
Naga Women Federation (NWF), NNC

We, the Nagas and Indians are quite different at all like day and night. Nagas and Indians knew nothing each other before Mahatma Gandhi, father of the Indian Nation and a Naga delegation led by NNC leader A.Z. Phizo, father of the Naga Nation met for the first time on 19th July, 1947 at Bhangi Colony, Delhi, India. Yet the first meet was cordial, frank and decisive. Thus after this Meeting of mutual understanding between the two Nations, our people under the banner of NNC formally declared our age-old independence on 14th August, 1947 one day ahead of the India’s independence.


But after India was set free by the British on 15th August, 1947, India covetously sent her invading Armed Forces to Nagaland and began to invade our country in 1950s without any reason. Thenceforth, few Indians like a cat and not like a man began to walk in our land and betrayed us. So the Indo-Naga war was fought for many years in Naga country and Nagaland became a battle field until the Indo-Naga Ceasefire Agreement was signed in May, 1964 between the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) and the Government of India (GOI).


Besides, the Naga women boldly bore their bounden responsibilities in defence of our Nation with male patriots. Some patriotic Naga women also took part even in the battle fields with the male soldiers and safeguarded our national birthright, the gift of God. Some women leaders, Lady Armies and women volunteers also went on Alee (Foreign) Mission/Command and many Naga women fearlessly supplied daily ration and necessities to the national workers even in the jungle because males were indiscriminately hunted and killed by the aggressive Indian Armed Forces. As a result the pains and sufferings of the Naga women in those days were beyond human descriptions and the fates of the Naga women were uncertain to remain prestigious or alive as the invading Indian Armed Forces were wild, barbaric and inhuman.


Please read “The Fate Of The Naga People” An Appeal to the World by A.Z. Phizo, President, Naga National Council: London the 26th July, 1960 and a Memorandum dated 8th October, 1960 submitted by A.Z. Phizo, President, Naga National Council (NNC) to His Excellency Frederick H. Boland, President, United Nations General Assembly, United Nations, New York, USA. During this darkest period, the wicked Indian Armed Forces have killed about two lakhs of our people, much more wounded, countless tortured, raped, numerous houses along with churches, granaries and all sorts of properties were burned into ashes, remnants looted and thousands of our people died of hungers and diseases. But no a single right-thinking Indian woman is found till date to speak the truth about the Nagas.


Decades have passed, but the Indo-Naga conflict remains unresolved. Yet, we the old Naga women have sacrificed our lives and done our parts for the Nation. We have now become old and most of the leaders of the Naga Women Federation (NWF) are octogenarians. It is the turn of the young Naga women to bear the cross of our Nation. I, therefore, fervently call all young Naga women to wake up from slumber and lift up the cross of the Nation.


The Mumbai May 8, (Reuters) and Morung Express, May 9, 2018 stated: ‘In India, boy victims of sex crimes don’t get talk about. A India 2007 survey by the ministry of Women and child development, which sampled 12,447 children in families, schools, at work and living on the street, found that more than half had faced sexual abuse and 53 percent of the victims were boys. For the capital Delhi, the figure was 60 percent.’ Such shameful things including the recent raped case of Jammu & Kashmir are taking place in India too. Where some Naga women condemned them as human being, but the Naga women should not forget the past heinous crime committed by the Indian Armed Forces against the Naga women and young Naga women must follow the footprints of the old Naga women. Nagas are not Indians and Nagaland is not India’s territory. If the young Naga women have forgotten the aforesaid crimes and gone astray, they will bring the wrath of God in Nagaland. The Naga women of yesterday were brave enough although they were illiterate. So the young Naga women of today must also be brave in defence of our Nation.