The crisis in our education

Witoubou Newmai

When today’s every occasion or happening is being channelized by vested interests our society must go back to what is already considered as the clichéd topic i.e. the real values and purposes of education. Though it sounds raking up irrelevant details our society must consider for one more time that the elixir to bring back hope to the forlornness of the ‘present’ is to promote values in educational system.


Wrong responses at the level of individual and social situations are “throwing up increasing amounts of social scum and pollutants” (in the words of Prof PN Rastogi, eminent social scientist) in our society today, thanks to the failure of getting the values of education to “meaningfully involve in the life of the society” (as per VR Taneja, an eminent educationist).


According to Taneja, “The skill and fact learning will get meaning and purpose when values inhere them.” The educationist also argues that inculcation of values will create in the people rationalism and right responses, and “will not side-step the questions of morality, integrity, justice, equity and fair play.”


In stressing on the issue further, it may also be argued that a sound education system with ‘not equipped’ and ‘unready’ teachers will only erode the warp and woof of the very system.


According to Prof Kireet Joshi, an Indian philosopher, the teachers should be value oriented because “by his or her very nature, a teacher is a transmitter, a messenger and a carrier.” He also says that the determination of what the teachers have to transmit “will depend upon what we determine to be valuable for the youths.”


Debates have been going on, for quite some time now, that the absence of a workable model complete with required ingredients has been the prime reason for the farce in the educational system.


Faulty educational system has incurred a huge tragedy in our society, sometimes emerging as the unlimited capacity to ‘copy-paste’ things at any level while ignoring to identify the underlying values of the ‘bads and the goods.’ Such trend is also due to our inadequate thinking and imagination. And hence, a crisis has taken root when it comes to co-ordination between our thinking and our living/reality. Such trend has also given rise to our society’s obsession with the outcome while ignoring to concentrate on the process.


One basic and simple example can be cited here for clarity sake: the lack of motivation exercise for the teachers, especially in the government establishments. To begin with, timely payment of teachers’ salary would be a good course correction.