The Cuckoo of Nagaland

Kahuto Chishi Sumi

I begin by stating, “There is no Solution to the Naga Issue in the foreseeable future.” My challenge to all those who tried to fool us with the mantra, “Solution before Election,” has gone unanswered. You are singing the praises of something that’s not there, and urging the People of Nagaland to buy it; which makes you lowly touts. Despite all your glorified titles, you bring nothing but disgrace and infamy to the members of the Unions and Associations you represent.


And the NSF, the “Non Sense Federation”, which claims to be a Students’ Federation has now taken up the role of a pompous little busybody by calling for a Rally on this Issue. Why is it a Non Sense Federation? Because they have remained silent on ALL Issues detrimental to the Students of Nagaland and their future, such as absentee and ghost Teachers in the Education Department, missing midday meals of poor students, the looted Students’ Scholarships, the rampant backdoor employees in all Government Departments, the removal of jobs from the purview of the N.P.S.C. and a hundred other issues which directly affect all students in Nagaland; but want the same students to come to a rally demanding the deferment of Elections in favour of a non-existent Solution! Pure Nonsense!


A cuckoo lays its egg in the nest of a smaller bird. The cuckoo hatches first and then destroys the eggs of the parent bird. The parent birds think the cuckoo hatchling is theirs and feed the monster chick, thinking that the very thing that has killed their babies is their baby. This is exactly what the NSF is. The students of Nagaland think that the NSF belongs to them, but somewhere along the way, it has been replaced by an alien monster born out of a cross between our corrupt politicians and our equally corrupt “Freedom Fighters”. The NSF, by asking students to attend its rally on the 23rd.of January, seeks to use students to support a cry which has no direct or appreciable impact on their Welfare. Whether the Executive Members of the N.S.F. have received any benefits in cash, kind or favours, is open to speculation; but, by calling for a rally on this issue, it is acting like a pimp on behalf of those who gain by the deferment of Elections.


I urge all College Students to boycott the Rally. Use your brains, think! What do the Students or the Public of Nagaland gain by the deferment of Elections? Nothing! In what way will the Elections hamper Peace Talks? No way! It is just an attempt by the Corrupt of Nagaland to prevent others from coming to power and investigating their countless Crimes and Scams.


To the Parents of Schoolchildren, I ask you, “Do you believe that the rally on Solution, not Election, carries any benefit, now or in the future, for your Children?” It is just a cheap trick to shield the very people who are destroying the future of your Children. I request you to prevent them from attending the Rally. No Student Organization has the power to force its members to take part in any event or occasion; likewise, no Educational Institution has the authority to force its students to take part in any activity that is not directly connected to their Education. So you have the right to stop your children from heeding any directive, whether from a Student Organisation or a School Establishment, to attend this spurious rally.


And to the NSF and all their minions who intend to attend this rally, I have only this to say, “You think you are clever? Your slyness and base cunning does not make up for your lack of intelligence. We see right through you. Just because your eyes are blinded by the Conjunctivitis of Greed, it does not mean our eyes are blinded too; you are nothing but pompous, self-serving cowards who hide behind innocent college and school children. Don’t talk about the trips you make to Delhi to speak with the Indian Authorities on the Naga Issue; you may as well travel into space and speak with aliens for all the good it will do or for all we care; just tell us who pays for your trips?” I’m certain that a few paid people will turn up for the rally, the question is, “How many real students of Nagaland will be present?”