The Defenders and Truth



Kevitho Kera


I am a strong Naga patriot, I believe in Naga Sovereignty so I support Naga National Movement. What I am going to write next about our NPGs or what I have titled in my write-up “The Defenders” has no hatred or malice in it. I write it with pure love for our freedom fighters (I hate it when they are tagged as “Terrorists”). I would like to ask some few questions. I have previously asked some questions in my earlier write-up to those Nagas who are involved in the Church Ministry.


The money taxed from us, do you use it to judicious purpose of Nation building or some of you are only using it for personal gains like erecting Trump towers, buying expensive SUVs, buying acres of land or are being profligates. Ask yourselves.


When you levy taxes on us, do you make sure Naga entrepreneurs does not get discouraged and stops their business due to unreasonable and excessive demands or are you helping them so that the market is not dominated by non-locals. Ask yourselves.


Are you using intimidation and other scare tactics or are you polite when you levy tax on us.


We are all Christians, so ask yourselves. Are you using Christian principles when you are pursuing Naga Sovereignty and not indulging in selfish pursuit of interests. Look the argument can be given we have to be practical but let me tell you, Jesus is extremely practical if there is Love in all of us.


In olden times, it was us who willingly contributed to Naga National Movement e.g. old women contributing their precious bags of rice or a wife giving a Chicken from her backyard. Ask yourselves if the willingness to give is still there or not. If not, some serious thinking needs to be done. I write this out of Love as I believe in Naga Cause. Naga Cause is a sacred pledge to God let us honour it. Naga movement started out with pristine and lucid dreams, let it remain so. I care for our Naga Freedom fighters. If I have offended anyone of you, my sincere apologies.






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