The Fallacy of Political Parties in Nagaland

Levi Longkumer

Agri Colony, Kohima

In the light of recent political events that have occurred in the context of Nagaland politics over the past few years, there is no doubt that in the eyes of the public our democratic political machinery has failed us dramatically and it has become a joke. What the framers of the Constitution had envisioned for India to be a democratic country,where the We the people elect the representative heads of our Government, has been stripped of all its meaning with only its ideas and principles being relevant only pen and paper. The reason being that today’s political parties lack the moral and ethical values of democracy to guide the people over which they govern. Now-a-days, the only thing which drives these political parties and the way in which they govern are for the purpose of accumulation of wealth and money, political pandering, identity politics, character assassination of their opponents and horse-trading.

With regard to the state of Nagaland, these issues have become more exacerbated where any politician or almost all politician are driven by the prospects of accumulating the highest amounts of wealth and money they can find instead of morally serving the people and the core ideas of and beliefs of this great state. And this sickness has engulfed all the sections of our society by and large today. It is truly a sad and sorry state of affairs that we live in today. No wonder in the recent political drama for the 26 Aonglenden Constituency, where two out of the four candidates had opted out of the race for the Assembly seat because they had been bought over for money and the promise of lucrative political posts in the present government. This has exposed the obvious side of our political nature and shows the utter greediness, lack of shame, moral degeneracy and the practice of political prostitution going on for many years now. These individuals, although they are not alone in this, lack any kind of moral or democratic principles and are not aligned to any political party but the party of money. The political parties too lack any sense of ideas,ideologues, political will or democratic values from which to govern and this shows in the current states of affairs of our society. But we the people are not innocent in all of this as well because just like the political parties which represents us, we too lack the moral, ethical and good values for a healthy society and aren’t bothered to stand up for what is right and just. Instead we are all swayed by the power and influence of money.

If we all (political parties included) do not change our habits and evil vices,then I fear that one-day this will all lead us to ruin in the near future.