The FNR Day

Thepfulhouvi Solo

The FNR today appears a widely advertised beautiful ‘Billboard’ seen and heard only for political ‘Peace and Reconciliation’.


There have been instances of serious inter-tribe conflicts in Nagaland generating considerable inter-tribal animosity, even loss of life, but the FNR did not heed any of them.


I have no authority to question the FNR; I am only raising some questions I thought are of public domain.


The unthinking Leaders of Nagaland have often unintentionally brought great puzzlement and confusion to the Nagaland Citizens.


Today, an evil spirit seems to have bewitched the entire gullible Naga population.


The saying ‘Political Solution before Election’, appears a grand Motto for the Naga today.


The Term of the Present Government is going to end in less than 3 months from now and the Government has set in motion all the preparations for the Election.


No one knows when the political Talk will come to a Solution. It may take a few months, it may take a few years, and it may even take a decade or more.


In such a likely case who will look after the Governance of the State?


The only alternative is President Rule!


President Rule means the State is unable to govern itself!


What political foolishness it is to say that we are unable to govern ourselves and so invite the President Rule? The Right to govern itself is the greatest Right among Man and to demand President to rule over us is just simple folly!


The FNR customarily appear on the side of the Haves, the Privileged and the studied Powerful. It distances itself from the Truth and Reality of the Grass roots population.


Is the FNR:

i. a Religious Organization?

ii. a Social Organization?

iii. or a convenient Friend of the Political Bosses of the land?


The FNR needs to be definitive. It miss-spent 21 years of very valuable National Time in frivolous political reconciliation Meetings, prayer Meetings, consultations Meetings, football Meets and Conferences in Foreign Countries.


It had no specific Corner Stone or Cap Stones Ideas for those reconciliation Talks: the NTC brought decades of political arch rivals to a surprised common Meeting with the Prime Minister of India in just a few months!


The FNR may give suggestion to the authorized Governments to declare a significant Day of the Naga History as NAGA DAY, or at most, it can declare an FNR DAY themselves, but to institute a National Day of the Naga, they do not have the authority. If they do, it may thoughtlessly fade away just as the great ‘NAGAS 90’ the Naga thoughtlessly adopted.