The most loathsome words in my life

The Indian leaders,writers or the NSCN leaders, particularly the NSCN-IM leaders  have been stating false propaganda and telling lies in order to justify the killings, the formation of the NSCN and to patronize the division and killing among the Nagaswhich can be taken as doing their own job. But why some ofChakhesang, Angami or Aopeople  are stating the same false propaganda and telling lies?


On  August 7, 2015, Along LongkumerAo stated (Quote) “The Shillong Accord was the basis on which the NSCN was formed by IsakChishiSwu, Th. Muivah and S.S. Khaplang, among others”. Again on 23rd August 2015 Thepushuyi S. KeyhoChakhesang stated(Quote)“The Shillong Accordgave birth to NSCN in 1980… The Accord thus not only destroyed the unity of the Naga national workers but also brought about much bloodshed and conflicts”. Both appeared in Morung Express. (Unquote) This is the most loathsome words in my life, for these are telling lies and they are condemning the innocent Naga national leaders and people who were killed by Muivah and Isak. By stating these; they are diligently saying that their leaders were deserved to be killed by Muivah and Isak because they supported the Shillong Accord. Can they give proofs and evidences to their own people that their leaders were killed because of Shillong Accord? Even after Muivah signed Delhi Accord on 3rd August to accept Indian Constitution, to release such statementsare a blunt and unwise. Instead they should say, let Muivah brings our leaders alive if he stands for Delhi Accord, like some of Tangkhul people said, if Muivah stands for a solution within the framework of Indian Constitution they will urge him to bringtheir sons and daughters alive.


In the Eastern Oking (Headquarters) we have been united under the Naga National Council (NNC) and the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) led by Th. Muivah and IsakSwu after the Shillong Accord. And even when Muivah said, let us denounce the Shillong Accord officially, no one refused but we all agreed with him and appended our signatures (48) in all from top down to the second lieutenants of Naga Army officers. So if Muivah and Isak had not contemplated to form a new parallel organization the Nagas won’t have division and killings among us in the history.


But Muivah and Isak killed the officers who appended their signatures to denounce Shillong Accord because they refused to accept Muivah’s socialism. I believe that if the accord was a main factor for contention, they won’t kill the persons who agreed with them to denounce the accord. This is proof and evidence that we have no difference on the matter of the Accord.Though they are dead, their words remained as proof and evidence till date that they were killed by the NSCN leaders because they opposed Muivah’s socialism.


In November 1979, Lt. Col. VesazoKhamoChakhesangyelled loudly while he was leading to be shot dead and said;“I am a man and not afraid to die for my nation, today I’ll die for I go against Muivah’ssocialism, socialist shall never overcome the NNC”. At last he was shot dead.On 3rd January 1980.NgathingkhuiAhumTangkhul, ChapleeKilonser, said, “today my friend Muivah kills me because I opposed his socialism”.  And then he was shot dead along with his younger brother Lt. Jacob. These killings were carried out in Heimi Region, Eastern Nagaland, not in Dimapur or Kohima.


I have been stating and expressing the true differences among the Naga brothers particularly in Eastern Oking in those days was on the basis of Muivah’s socialism and Suisa’s proposal, but not that of the Accord. Khaplang came to know Muivah and his henchmen Tangkhuls stand for Suisa’s proposal when Major ProningTangkhul (a right hand of Muivah) said,”TheNagas were stupid rejecting Suisa’s proposal. If it were not, we might have been achieved our goal long before, but even today it is not too late for us, we should follow Suisa’s  proposal to achieve our goal sooner’; said on 12th October 1976 at Phalungtung village, Khiamniungan Region, when we were sitting together with Khaplang. But only in 1988, after eight years of NSCN formation, Khaplang realized of this fact and finally kicked off Muivah and Isak from Eastern Nagaland because they stand for Suisa’s proposal. The Delhi Accord was none other than to fulfill the Suisa’s proposal.


Mr. Along Longkumer or others may not know all these facts but Mr.hepushuyi S. KeyhoChakhesang knows very well because he was with us since the last part of 1978. Thepushuyiand myself might have been killed if we were in Heimi Region in those days because we also strongly opposed Muivah’s socialism. But we hadfallen into the hands of enemy and were in Khonsa Lockup in Arunachal since August 18 to the last part of February 1980 when the killing started in November 1979. One of Indian intelligent surprisingly told us “you thank God for saving your lives, your God sends you tothis lockup and you have been saved”, if not, you would also be killed by your own leaders. T. Venoh, Mayanger and others are no more, they were killed, he said. From him alone we came to know that the killing among the Nagas have been started because of Muivah’s policy.


Mr. Thepushuyi S. Keyho released from the Jail in December 1981 as he was convicted for three years and me three years and three months as I am a foreigner for India, and he came to bring me to Kohima, Nagaland when I was set freefrom North Lakhingpur Assam Jail, India on March 29, 1982. For this, I ever remain grateful to him, butfeel sad; forhe doesn’t state the truth that Muivah’s socialism brought about much bloodshed and division among the Nagas. Instead, why he wants to project hisChakhesang important leaders and people were killed by NSCN-IM was because of the Shillong Accord is a matter of wonder and can’t comprehend it.
NNC Member.