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TNB poll on the present political crisis in Nagaland


The Naga Blog conducted a poll on the current political crisis in Nagaland to hear the voices of the youth. It is interesting to note that the youth of our state have lost faith in our elected legislators. The child game played by them fighting for the musical chair is too much to bear. Since we do not have too much of alternatives to solve the ongoing crisis, majority of those who participated in the poll are of the opinion that President’s Rule is imposed in the state of Nagaland till the next election.



The Church’s time for payback!The Church’s time for payback!


Krocha NK

Dear friends,

This topic might be quite controversial or alien to some, please bear with me if it rings alarm bells to some. Am sure we have all noticed that everywhere across the streets in our city and towns in Nagaland, or the landmark buildings in our villages are huge churches. Nagaland may have taken the title of the land of churches from Goa. While it is so nice to see that we Nagas have contributed so much to build God’s house so majestically, it is ironic to see horrible roads just a few steps away from the Church premises.Will it be too demanding to ask our church leaders to take care of the roads outside our churches? I assume we will have about 500 church buildings or more in Dimapur itself. What if we ask each church to keep aside a small budget of their yearly finances to take care of one kilometer stretch or about 500metres road outside its compound? We can then perhaps see the best roads in the country. The entire roads in Dimapur may not be 500kilometres. Similarly, it will be for Kohima and other districts, the Church of various churches can divide their shares which will cover the whole of Nagaland. Crores of money is either spent on Church construction or lakhs in its annual budget. What I suggest is just a small portion of its budget to the people’s welfare.Irrespective of which denomination you follow, the church expects its member to pay one tenth of our earning to the church as tithe. Can we expect similar response from the church’s responsibility back to the society? We need to be a church with a difference, a church for the people. We have heard from our preachers, “When you serve another needy person, you serve God”. Now is the time for the church to serve its people. The non motorable roads in Nagaland have been a nightmare whenever the rainy season starts. And our mighty government has no answers to fix it. We can only look forward to our earthly guardians which is the church.We can be a church with a difference, a church which gives back. Either we can be part of history or just continue to blame our poor politicians and its government. The choice is ours.The government may return the favour to the church by naming the roads maintained by the churches after them.NBCC, CAN, CRC, AG or the uncountable church organizations, please hear me for one time.


Atungo Shitri 

Churches to have biblical social responsibility….Like taking care of poor, weak, widows, orphans, homeless so this can be elaborated beyond to include general public benefits…. The church can contribute for public good…. We are good at doing free labour so that part of expenditure is taken care of…. So the church can contribute stone chips and free labour, government can give tar and cooperation and surrounding neighbours like shops and residents can contribute towards buying woods and some contractors lend their iron thali (?), the thing in which mixing is done….. All these just to cover may be one kilometer radius of the church…… Can be possible…..Just a wishful thought.


Gucci Gugs

Like the widower’s small contribution how good to see a church to lead and repair a small stretch of the road because black or white everyone’s penny is in the church coffer. The church members can also follow suit by filling the potholes near our house, maintain the drainage properly instead of not only encroachment with steps, sazaas, verandas. Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. Putting white flags on rooftops for peace or erecting gigantic welcome gates will not save our land. Let us all wake up, hold hands and walk the mile for a better tomorrow. We all love our land.


Moa Jamir 

1. Why Nagaland is least developed compared to other states in India?

2. Who made this Stone Age in Nagaland?

3. Then whose failure is it?

4. How long shall we remain laughing stock to others?


Dear Naga brothers and sisters in Christ, we all share this responsibility. Believers and church leaders are not living according to the teaching of Jesus. When government which is meant for physical progress and development of land has failed, church taking up social responsibility as social gospel mission then there is no harm but when church does it, government has big reason to worry.Last of all, if church is really concerned and cares for sheep/believers/people physical- good road, electricity, school etc and spiritual salvation (wholistic/Holistic), my only humble appeal to church leaders is, be prophetic as biblical spiritual leaders did. At this juncture of Nagas, believers are dying physically and spiritually because of corruption, Tribalism and Factionalism. So be bold enough to voice against those from the pulpit to seek your lost sheep (public/mass) then only our land will be healed and move forward where the civilization begin. No malice. Amen.


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