Please release the 3 months pending salary of my sister

Please release the 3 months pending salary of my sister

Zakielabei Zumvü: Dear Sir, Please release the 3 months pending salary of my sister.


She is a dedicated and hardworking nurse of capital’s civil hospital. And yes she’s not the only nurse struggling to pay house rent and daily expenses and so on.


Just think deeply. How can you rob someone’s hard earned salary when she spend sleepless nights and days taking care of your love and dear ones patients (voters) while you sleep peacefully without any financial problems. Do you still invite them to parade the street again and again demanding their salary?


It is crystal clear that there are some people somewhere posted outpost and in capital who never attend their duties but never suffer any salary pending. Henceforth, what I wish to see the next time is that, please delay releasing of such lazy government servants’ salary and pay our TRUE GOVERNMENT SERVANTS at the right time who work for our nation with full dedication.


The pictures below are my sister’s shoes which she has been thinking to replace with new one when she gets her pending salary. She has already visited a generous cobbler twice for stitching. Please don’t let her celebrate unrest duties with that shoe while you celebrate Christmas lavishly this winter.


I hope that my English is as easy as a kindergarten write up for you to understand it.


Thank you.



A generalised perception in the difference between people of the mainland and the hills


Peter Rutsa: Late evening tonight in town, as I was sitting inside my car with windows closed, two loud, faltering drunk Nagas entered the shop I was parked outside. They then approached the counter where a well dressed pretty young woman was already standing. Both of them positioned themselves on each side of her. One talking loudly inaudibly on the phone and the other removing his wallet and passing cash to the shopkeeper mumbling. After sometime two red bulls were passed. They took it, opened it and started taking sips right there. One of them then took the change, put it in his pocket and they both walked out.


I had been watching them all throughout very closely (out of habit). The thing is, they never stared at the girl or even brushed her though faltering badly. They were just inches apart. Infact I think if she wasn’t there, they could even have been rude to the shopkeepers! As for the pretty Naga girl, she didn’t once show any sign of discomfort. She didn’t even shift her feet on their account! I am very sure she could smell their breath for she rubbed her nose and snivelled once. Stood there and made her payments after the two drunk, smelly looking Nagas, left taking over the whole footpath.


As for me, sat there in my car thinking, how would it have been if the scenario took place in a city in the mainland beyond the North East with the two drunks replaced by we know whom! There tonight I felt good! The young woman probably coming back from a Church program wasn’t showing any sign of discomfort having two drunk Naga youths so close to her. The two drunks… well they were drunk, that was it. Not looking for any trouble nor giving trouble to anybody, especially the opposite sex.


Despite all our shortcomings as Naga men, despite domestic violence that do exist, without denying cases of rape and molestations, acknowledging all incidents of misbehaviour, our women are yet very very safe from us. Infact, all women are exceptionally very, very, very safe in Nagaland from men. Be it in private or public. And thus I feel the women groups in our society and those present online should at the least avoid projecting too grim an image of us Naga men, vis-a-vis the status of Naga women when stray unpleasant, regrettable and condemnable incidents occur.


While we Naga men despite all our sins, weaknesses and hopelessness, let us continue to respect all women and let them continue to feel and be very safe whenever Naga men are about. Ugly or handsome, young or old, clean or dirty, well dressed or shabbily dressed, drunk or sober, day or night.


Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon: Ya man absolutely bro… The mega difference in perverted mindset between the hills and the plains. I keep thinking about this too… The teasing is also different, in Nagaland suppose a pretty girl walks pass a gang of boys, and the boys pass comments like ‘wowww sundur ase de…’ and what happens next? Both the girl and also the boys laugh away….and that’s it! In cities, the way they stare at girls and even pass lewd comments is totally different from what we experience back home… generally the difference in this mindset is something I miss about home… feel more human back home.


Vyashu Aseno: Proud to be Naga. In the history of Nagas there are no cases of suicide and very rare case of rape who are chased out from the village or punished as per the customary law. Yes truly said Naga folks protect their women on the other hand women respect the men folk.


Akhole Sophie: You wrote my thoughts. A time or two I have observed the same attitude. Once while going home in an auto, two men were so drunk, for a while I feared that they may misbehave with some women. But when one turned to talk to someone, his friend snugged him closer knowing they were drunk. For nearly an hour in the auto, they maintained their distance & dignity not trying to get clingy or something. And observing all this, I was feeling proud that most Naga men are respectful of women however may seem to be. Kudos to my brothers!!! Keep the inheritance in you going!