The Naga Blog: A self introspection for our Churches

The Naga Blog: A self introspection for our Churches

Yansa Jami

Just a daily issue and some of us may find this quite silly. But it’s high time one should take note seriously as most of us have either lost hopes or just give no concern to these people. Dear most high Church priest of some denominations stop preaching inside the church always about money to the congregation, you are a qualified man of God so sometimes instead of always saying low tithes, no contributions, fewer donations, ungrateful congregation go inside your room, kneel down and ask the Lord who give everything.

Stop preaching your idea of administration on how to run the Church or how people should treat you or how other church fares, just don’t forget the Bible and be truthful to yourself.. God sees you don’t try to justify that you are the best, the good deeds become visible even if it takes time.

If some church members are speaking against you during General Meeting, remember not to preach it in the church but have the nerve to accept the fact that you are also human and circles imperfection so correct yourself.

Also, dear church leaders if the man who has no money to get his or her son’s/daughters get admitted to a school and takes money from politicians it is a sin and you all speak against it. But if the church forms a Church building committee and visits the most corrupted politician for financial assistance, then it’s not a sin.

Many of you claim to be the keepers of faith but when it comes to certain Jubilees of the Church, aren’t we suppose to go prayerfully, or are we suppose to nominate some big shot and corrupted people in towns who could bring or help you with big budget?? Come on remember its jubilee, not a game. Why go pray for the people who get jobs through backdoor appointment for their Thanksgiving to God. Is this kind of a joke?? Aren’t you aware of the fact ??

Why you always introduce big shot politician when they visit your Church, even if they are not introduced everyone knows they are big thieves.

Church leaders stop justifying your rights, stop fighting amongst reverends, pastors, associate pastors… God sees you all.. you all are keepers of God’s news.. it misleads thousands of sheep when you who are supposed to look after them goes astray… don’t justify that you have to do this and that because you had no choice. Remember God’s way are righteous not a wink of sin follows. Before God’s anger comes upon you rectify your shits n behave yourself.

At least for the fear of God, stay righteous. If common people like me know up to this much, I hope and believe defenders of truth, sacrifice, honesty, love, forgiveness, etc. etc like you would know infinitely.

We all are much focus on building big churches but forget that we ourselves are the walking church. Without a pure heart, the beautiful church is just another building. The Church today is much concern in running the daily administration and budget only. But soul reaping is totally forgotten. If there is faith, the Church will be built automatically without needing much to be preached in the church of donation. God is bountiful God, if we have faith and pray to Him, He will surely answer.

No matter how people talk or try to misinterpret the Bible, the truth shall remain truthful and we all know it. But of late things are running out of hands, pastors fight pastors, deacons fight deacons and many more. How on Earth can this happen if at least one party of them knows the truth that God is the judge which is quite vividly explained in the Bible? May God give all of us wisdom at least not to misinterpret the Bible.

Hotolu Sumi

Believe in Christ, not the church. That doesn’t imply ‘stop going to church’. Go to church as well (if you wish to), but commit everything to Christ in your daily activities and every day will be better and enjoyable.

Joseph Nyekha

May be you should become a church leader and bring change. I agree with some of the things you say, churches are not where they should be and I think it will be, as long as it’s run by Imperfect people and until we find perfect people it’s unlikely that a perfect church will exist and until we are in heaven, we will always be imperfect people, running an imperfect church. To say all church leaders are in the wrong is a bit overreaching, though I agree we all have flaws as humans. I am sure they do good things too. . You should start this in your church. I see a lot of people blaming the church pastors but I have noticed that in Nagaland except for few independent churches everything is dictated by the deacons(mostly layman) but when things go wrong everything is the Pastor’s fault. If your church is forcing you to give tithes you can always come to our church we force no one.

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