The Naga Blog: Horror movie scene in Kohima

The Naga Blog: Horror movie scene in Kohima

Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon

Next colony social works, MOILA KHAN SAPHA KURIBI, morom para paata saata tu emain hi kati bi!!!

Even if we come out dressed like we are from Tokyo Japan, kindly make sure our manners & civic sense also match our style.

Naga manu logic : Colony Social work people will come out and cut all the beautiful green plants instead of cleaning the filthy plastic wrappers, bottles etc ITU KI LOGIC!?

And Govt – Time to ban plastic carry bags and provide drinking water facilities in all colonies, wards, homes like Sikkim and then BAN mineral water bottles!

The crux of this satire being – “Citizen effort combined with Government regulation is necessary for controlling the menace of self created pollution.”

Citizen effort – There won’t be waste & pollution if we do not throw it on the streets, drains, public places in the first place!

Govt regulation – There won’t be any plastic waste especially plastic carry bags & mineral water bottles if it wasn’t manufactured or made legal in the first place.

But this process of phasing out plastic through Govt regulation has to be a step by step process because if Govt does not provide alternative source of safe drinking water, mineral water bottles will remain the most convenient source of safe drinking water (At the cost of massive waste pollution.)

And lastly, the satire in reference to

  1. A few of us who dress like straight out of a Korean music video shot in Gangnam but has the worst manners & civic sense, throwing garbage out on the public streets and out of the windows into the drains to create a horror like the one in the picture
  2. Our colony social works wherein we completely ignore the real filthy garbage – plastics, bottles etc thrown everywhere and only cut off all the greenery, and flowers which others make our surroundings look fresh & green instead of brown & dusty.

We ourselves tend to forget and throw waste on the streets, but if we keep reminding ourselves and give an effort we can help minimize pollution.

Kivili Chishi

What you have written is absolutely true. These days even in our colony, social work has been nothing but the cutting down of trees in our surroundings. My kids fear every social work that the trees in our very compound would be cut down too as there has been a similar case where our trees were cut and without our permission at that. I truly hope that people look up on this matter and one day solve it

Toyi Swuro

In Phek in our colony we had banned usage of plastics and littering of any things anybody found doing so will pay a fine.

Now our colony had awarded as one of the cleanest colony from Phek Town.

Düvo C Ruho

I still remember a pastor from Chakhesang chruch Kohima encourage about maintainance of waste materials anywhere we step our foot out.Likewise to improve and facilitate cleanliness every individual steering from kitchen chef – white collar tag is compulsory to utilise the civic sense.

A place like chruch could also help in any possible ways.To be clean it starts within an individual and not designated other to employ for a job.

Lanso Yanthan

Seriously the same thing happened in Lerie during the last social work. The youth of the colony engaged in picking up all the sweet wrappers, juice boxes, water bottles, and all sorts of plastic wrappers from all the nullahs and sidewalks. Collected a whole truckload full of plastic garbage. The colony actually looked so much better!! However, by the time we finished work, lo and behold!! A frigging juice box right on the middle of the road again!!

Sensitisation is the need of the hour! The shopkeepers in our colony have dustbins, yet people don’t even bother. And our so called young Naga animals will get drunk at night and start kicking and breaking the dustbins for fun. The amount of Gutkha packets on the streets is just mind boggling

Thungbemo Murry

Every one seems to be aware and knowledgeable about hygiene and cleanliness but in actual practical life no one seems to live by it. Lot of reasons behind it. But one thing I want to put forth here is, it’s high time for the for the system to be in place so that every one can dispose off the garbages conveniently. So who is/are responsible to set the system in place? We all know who is suppose to.

We the public keeps firing at each other and the main responsible agencies and govt just watches with its hand folded. That’s the sad part…

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