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The Naga Blog & noobs join hands for Relief of Burma Camp Fire Victims

Vikeduo Linyü: Dear NBCC, I know you will be organizing “Solidarity Concert for Thailand” tonight in Aid of Thailand flood victims, please remember that last night 100 plus houses were gutted at Burma camp Dimapur. No need to donate anything to them(fire victims), just pray for them so that such tragedies won’t occur again. I hope the donors paying Rs.10,000 are not forcefully made to buy the tickets. Btw if You(NBCC) are looking for another concert Turkey earthquake can be your next charity event. I hope you know the politics behind the Thailand flooding too. Anyway who am I to ask You, but in your quest to do something good, you are giving God a bad name.
Yan Fo Kikon: What kind of help & support do they need Vikeduo?? Can we blog members do anything help out our own people?? NBCC & the Government seem to be donating all the Naga public money to Rich self sufficient foreign countries that too by organizing extravagant concerts? Can we Blog members unite again to prove our older generation WRONG? Anyone willing to get up from your computer & come forward with a practical idea to help our own people first?
Bangkai Konyak: I'm in! 100 Rs and some clothes.
Pipi Newmei: Can anyone send me an account no? I have 2500 bucks I can spare. This is the true spirit of Christmas “Sharing”
Neiwe M Mero: What happen in Thailand, Turkey or Japan is indeed tragic and sad. They have lost their families, friends and loved ones, their homes. But so do people affected by fire in our own land. They too have lost their love ones, their families, their place called home. Its always good to help others but we must know whom to help. I may never cross my paths with anyone of the victims from Thailand or Japan or Turkey. But there is 50% chance that I come cross my path with those affected with fire in Dimapur. Those affected by fire at Burma camp maybe mostly from mainland India or Bangladeshis but they are living amongst us. Love thy Neighbour may be theoretically or theologically termed as for Universal. But it’s also wrong to ignore what’s going on in your own house too.
Swetol Sothu:
Suffering from "HYPERMETROPIA" (FARSIGHTEDNESS). Cannot see the tragedy nearby (Sikkim, Dimapur) but can only see far away(Japan, Thailand)
Neite Kapfo: I guess a concert may come up in the coming days because there is a word "Burma" in the tragedy (pun!)
Kevin Yepthomi Naga: Nagaland donates 10 Lakhs to Thailand
Lanu Jamir: 10 lakhs!And I wonder how many lakhs were spend in collecting that.
10 lakhs! For the "favourite destination for the (moneyed) people of Nagaland"
10 lakhs! All those roads and bridges that could have been made.
10 lakhs! All those hungry mouths that could have been fed.
10 lakhs! While basic healthcare lies in shambles.
Merry Christmas GON and NBCC hope you sleep peacefull tonight as we collect funds for the victims of the Burma camp inferno!
Nuchet Jams: thumbs down to the Nbcc and Nagaland govt, and thumbs up to Naga Blog and NOOBS

The Naga Blog and NOOBS are back to help the victims of the fire at Burma Camp,Dimapur on 15th November 2011. Lets come join our hands and help in our very small way.
Donation amount is the same as the Sikkim Earthquake Relief i.e Rs100.
You can drop in your contribution at your nearest NOOBS contact points.
List of the Contact Points:

Kohima Contact Points:

1. SIMPLY TASTY, opp Koinonia Church, Keziekie. Contact Bano

2. UNDER-1-ROOF, Ser's Bazaar, Midland Kohima Contact person Awele, Store Manager.

3. L!FE PRO Sound Solution,Imphal Road, NH-29.Old Ministers' Hill Kohima-797001. Nagaland.
Phone : person-Akhani.

4. ZINGKI SOUVENIRS, Hotel Japfu Complex, Kohima Nagaland opens @ 9:00 am to 4:30pm

5. HIVE CAFE, Near Westroad Mall. Jail colony,Kohima.

6. PORTRAIT STUDIO, Emporium Complex, Old NST Kohima.
Contact Person : Danü Lee (9856189451)

7. LITTLE NICETIES, Below Nagamese CRC, Near Progressive Youth, D.Block, Kohima. Contact 9862719249, 8974810162,9612828914.

8. CENTRAL PERK, near Sekho complex, main town kohima..Contact: Kekhriezhazo Mepfhüo contact no.8974171314

9. BLACK ICE, RS Building, Opp. Bank of Baroda. Kohima Main Town
Contact : Sales Manager +91 9612826060

10. TRAP cars & bikes, New Sect. Road. Contact: 9774071683

11. M/S TRAVELZONE, Near S.P. Office, Opposite DCC, Officers' Hill
Kohima, Nagaland
Contact person: Mr Lima Toshi Contact Number: 9615340118/9612714131

Dimapur Contact Points:

1. HIYO CAFE, Aiko building , below FURTADOS store, Nagarjan person Kevin Yeptho/Be Swu

2. KAPUNU FURNITECH, NH - 29, Kohima Road, Near Holotoli school, Purana Bazar (East) Dimapur. Contact person Mr. Khrozo Nuh.

3. Ps 23 CYBER CAFE, Holy cross(Plaza) Police Point, KHAKHU'S BUILDING, Nyamo Lotha Road(Church Road) Dimapur Contact Person: Kevin Yeptho

4. COMPUTER CONCEPT, 1st floor, central apartment nagarjan junction

Fellowship Colony, Dimapur
Dr. Wati 9862092268

6. PORTRAIT STUDIO( Kodak Express ), Circular road, between
Eastern Mirror Building and Axis Bank
Contact Person Kenie-9862685814

7. CRYSTALS Book House Cum Stationeries, Shop no- 12
JOYCE Complex, Chumukedima - 797103 Dimapur.
Contact Person T Senti Aier phone:kindly PM

8. TRINITY TRAVELS, Near Signal Angami Gate,
Signal Basti, Dimapur, Nagaland - 797112. Contact Person Imsu Longkumer :- 9402988162/9089435216/9436003166/09650435054

9. HIGHWAY SHOPPE, Diphupar Gate, 4thmile, Dimapur.
Contact Person James- 03862242431,8014952979,9436652145.

10. ETICKETS HUB, Subjail Junction, Tinali, Dimapur, Nagaland
Contact Person Apok Jamir 9436613232, 9612800123

11. JUMPING BEAN CAFE, Ana-Ki 1st Floor, Opp Tata Parking, Near DDSC Stadium, Circular Road, Dimapur, Nagaland - 797112. Contact : 03862-284619 / 9612302514 email:

12. PLANET PC, Half nagarjan, Among Jamir's building Dimapur Nagaland. Contact:03862231396 / 9612911305

13. Bamboo emporium & sales depot Nagaland Bamboo Resource centre, 6th mile Dimapur,Tel: 03862-282602. ..opening hrs;10 am to 4 pm all weekdays

Contact Point @ Wokha
1. SEN'S MIXED FILLINGS wokha town 797111
contact Person Steve odyuo 9436832680

Contact Point @ Mokokchung
1. VIRTUAL POINT, Kichutzar Shopping Complex, 1st floor Room 16.Mokokchung, Nagaland.
Contact: Ban meido Mbl. No. 9862118701
(The Naga Blog was  created in 2007 by  Yanpvuo Kikon. This  column in the Morung  Express will be a weekly  feature  every Saturday)