The Naga Blog: On the ongoing repair and construction work at NH702 in Mon district

The Naga Blog: On the ongoing repair and construction work at NH702 in Mon district

Krocha NK

The viral video circulated on social media on the ongoing repair and construction work at NH702 in Mon district has got the attention of one and all over the state. The deputy Chief minister Mr Y Patton, who is also the Minister in charge of National Highways, paid a surprise visit to the site and apprised his dissatisfaction and disappointment over the blacktopping works at Tapi area under Mon district. The Dy. CM has expressed that poor works cannot be compromised at any cost. Ithas definitely cause tremors to many individuals, government departments and awaken the public to take action.

This is what TNB world thinks on the repairing & construction, the video circulation and the surprise visit of our Deputy Chief Minister to the construction site.

Achet Mollier

Well, he is right but the allocations of works are done as per their whims and wishes so I dare him to expose the concerned contractor and blacklist the concerned firm. It’s just an eye wash saying that he is dissatisfied. Be it him or any politician, all of them are together in this and needs to be equally blamed. The Politician is obligated to allocate the works to some particular contractor (tendering is just for name sake in Nagaland) because of his finances during election and in turn the contractor is forced to pay taxes to several groups which leaves the general public at the mercy of all this blood suckers.

Eddie Patton

A department like NH tendering is done through e-tendering and there is no way of manipulating since the qualification of work is decided by Central governmentt. Moreover, the payment is done directly into the contractors account through transfer by the central. Hence tendering and allocation of contract work to someone is not in the hand of the dept or state government.

Angelus Charang

What the heck! He came and saw it and yet ask for reports? Hello dear when are you going to confront Modi on CAB? Still needs reports I guess?

Sakimm Rongmei

Looking at the road, dissatisfied or disappointed is not a word that suits. It’s utter horror and unimaginable.

They don’t give a damn for our safety and is only bothered about how much money they can make on this scheme

K. Pusa

The visit of our Deputy CM who is also incharge of National Highways is a good gesture. But simply paying a visit without taking any action will not help much. Therefore the people of the area should come out and demand for quality workmanship based on the specification laid down in the word order issued by the concerned department. Unless the public voice out simply relying on the government and the contractor is not helping anymore. It is very discouraging seeing the way our village based organizations are functioning today as many cannot think beyond their selfish interest. The village based organizations should be taking pro active role in checking and monitoring the work been executed within their jurisdiction and not giving a free hand to the contractor who will always think in terms of making maximum profit. Therefore the solution lies with the common people to raise their voice and be heard.

Imchen Nungs

“Unsatisfied with the work executed”….Then Action must be taken against the Contractor..Did they???…Noooo noo..why?..Surely contractor is some Party workers or must be relatives of some Ministers/MLAs………SAB BAKWAS HAI.

Lemwang W Chuhwanglim

Within few minutes of the video being circulated, which was captured by the good police persons about the poor road construction, on our community whatsapp group and other friends on Facebook group, it had effectively reached the authority. On that evening it reached the concern leaders and the Next day immediate response from the higher authority followed up. I thank all our people who have done the good job in circulating the video that reached the concern authority.

Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon

Whatever it is.. I am a simple freethinker and I say that whether it is political drama or whatever…it is good to see our top politicians give TOP PRIORITY on “QUALITY” ROADS!!!!!!!

Govt need not do anything…just give us good roads and the rest people will automatically do!!!

Public also DEMAND!!!! DEMAND FOR DEVELOPMENT, not jobs and money. government should focus on basic infrastructure and we the people focus on building enterprises and creating jobs!

Government is not supposed to create jobs, that’s a grave mistake. Entrepreneurs create jobs, not government. Government should only ensure good governance, development & effective regulation!
It is so sad to see that especially in villages they see nothing beyond political parties. Time to look back at our strong, self reliant forefathers and bring a real revival,

Lets not depend on politicians, let politicians depend on us, so that we contribute to the progress of our great people and our beautiful state starting from QUALITY ROADS!

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