The Naga Blog: Thoughts on the recent result of HSLC & HSSLC Examinations – Govt School Perspective

The Naga Blog: Thoughts on the recent result of HSLC & HSSLC Examinations – Govt School Perspective

Deto Keyh

With the result of 24 government schools with nil pass percentage in HSLC 2018, it has dropped down to 22 schools this year (2019) which shows an inconsiderable improvement.

The paradox is that almost everyone wants to get employed in govt. schools or work in any semi-govt. funded realm while the fruits they bear are almost either rotten or futile. Certainly, a handful of govt. schools compete and excel along with the other prestigious and reputed institutions or even lead the top chart.

The repercussions of 2019 results is as usual which is tediously poor, discouraging and disheartening. Even the pass percentage during the last 5 years of govt. schools stood low at around 30-41 percent.

What is reason why govt. schools are not progressing?

Where is the true spirit of education in those schools?

We understand the educational process of vice versa where all the teachers, parents/guardian and students shares a collective responsibility to advance forward together as a school. Yet, the proactive action ought to be taken up by the educational institutions and to act as a catalyst for the school’s development is completely found lacking in many field.

A thorough research on the school and teachers employed there should be brought under tight scrutiny by the Education Department. I strongly believe that the major breakdown of educational system in our state owes it to Rampant backdoor appointees, Unqualified teachers, Substitutions, Lack of dedicated teachers, Poor infrastructure, Inadequate administration, Absence of discipline, Unstable law and order, deficient library and so on. Added to that, the teacher parent/guardian relation should also be programmed more formally and informally as a curriculum activity to cater to the needs and share grievances of the student as well.

Citing that, those factors are a few hindrance relevant to all the nil result government schools in one way or the other which in turn effects the state’s overall pass percentage.

An old man once said, if you want to destroy a nation, start with their education but if you also want a country to grow, start with their education. That covers the totality development of socio-political and economic welfare of all state.

Let’s change for good for a greater result in the coming years.

Give credit where credit is due

Atsung Imchen

The recent result of HSSLC has been a moment of joy for many and a time to retrospect for many. Leaving aside that it has been a pleasant and much needed surprise to see Govt Schools performing so well. If you compare last year result and this year result its Black and White kind of differentiation.

This just proves that the teachers assigned and the people taking care of the students are doing their job and the students doing their part. We have spoken so much about missing teachers, improper care of the students and it seems things are turning for good because the outcome of the result proves it so.

Took the trouble of listing those Govt. schools who have performed way better than some private schools. If you happen to be the teacher or the caretaker to make sure the school performs and yet you find your school name missing here then i guess there is still something for you to do.
If you are one of the teachers listed in the Govt. Schools below, I say “Thank you” and i am sure others will feel the same too. Congratulations!