The nation in waiting

The nation in waiting


Azahto Naga: It’s not a matter of which faction brings Solution. Nagas need to support any faction that will wholeheartedly negotiate with India and bring solution. We can’t forever fight and come to the end of age. We can’t forever sit in peace camp and expect India or Burma Government to bring Naga Solution in a platter at our doorstep- this is a fools dream. No nation has come into existence this way-not any Nation I know- by just doing nothing and being in the camp.


Negotiations and dialogue or war and revolt is the only way to bring solution and catch the attention of the Aggressors (Aggressing Nation). Timidity or passivity is not an option. Hearing of tales, from Grandparents from both my father and mother side, and from my wife side, I know their pain and struggle and sacrifice. Because they chose to stand for their Rights, present Nagas have somehow tasted the fruits of what they have sown and Nagas were recognized. Nagaland state and article 371, is only one of the byproducts of Naga Nationalism though not the best we sought for. India to quench Naga Nationalism gifted these (Nagaland State and article 371). But this is not what our forefathers and grandparents fought for; this is not the reason why nearly 2,50,000+ Nagas died for. When they stood against India aggression, they gave up their present (life) to give us a better future- though some Naga turncoat collaborated with Indians to secure their selfish present (life) and personal gain. But now is not the time to play blame game. Same opportunity never knocks twice, today when opportunity for Naga Solution is at hand- let’s not play factional games or tribalism game.


Any faction or any tribe that spearheads Nagas to bring solution, let’s all stand behind them. Let our voice only be for inclusiveness and not exclusiveness (just Nagas of Nagaland). Let’s say enough is enough, no more division on tribal lines and faction. Let’s encourage all faction to get on board. One solution and one step at a time, first with India and then Burma. Let’s be practical and logical. We can’t have dialogue with two nations at a time… Our leaders are not blindly in a dialogue, they have been doing their homework…


If we are going to be critical and if anyone thinks he/can do better than them, first try walking to China or former East Pakistan to train in arms in the Jaws of life and death. So saluting their sacrifice and valor, let’s pray and urge them to all support the negotiation going on and the negotiating faction to take all on board. They need our prayers and support more than ever. Heard tales from grandparents of how their villages, house, granaries and life were destroyed or nearly-completely destroyed; of how their friends and loved ones were killed or raped; but now when God wants to restore our wasted years, let’s not miss the bus or allow some turncoat to again hijack the Naga national solution to further their own political career or position from Indian bosses. Whether a Tangkhul or Sumi or Angami or Ao or Konyak…. Spearhead the negotiation, let’s support and pray for them. This is our moment, this is our time- the time of the Nagas; we are a people chosen by God to be a Missionary sending nation. Kuknalim!!! God bless!!!
Who then shall be our leader?


Apem Hongvah: With so many people purporting to be Leaders starting from Village level, NGOs, State Government machinery, National workers and churches it has become a daunting task for the people to even recognize who is leading who? It has almost become like a normal routine for us to read every morning, news filled with party feud engaging in disparaging innuendo, developmental Halt, demand, threats, siphoning off public fund by our so called Leaders. In such a state of affairs how do we even recognize a true Leader? Why is it that the role of true Leader becomes so necessary in any given society? Perhaps that’s for you and me to figure out and act upon.


In a society like ours today, we often think of a Leader as a person who is well-connected, powerful or wealthy. We judge our Leaders by what they have. But a True Leader should be judged by what he has not– Ego, arrogance, self-interest, self conceit etc. A true Leader sees his work as selfless service towards a higher purpose. A true Leader wants nothing more than to make people stand on their own, as leaders in their own right instead of trying to give us false promises and rhetoric. A true Leader asks and seeks opinion rather than being opinionated. He does not want control nor does he impose his will on others. He doesn’t take away anyone’s autonomy yet he inspires by love not by coercion. Most importantly when it comes on time of taking credit, he makes himself invisible. He will be the first to arrive at the time of need and distress.


Aren’t we all tired of hearing false promises and statement made by our Leaders? Aren’t we sick and tired of leading by people who cannot affect change in the society? How long shall we continue to pretend as if we do not see things that are happening around us? It’s about time we rise against all corrupted, incompetent yet self conceit leaders regardless of party affiliation and nomenclature. We can have a just society if we so want and desire.


I am often being reminded of a story of Rebbe who led the Lubavitch movement after the passing of his father-in-law. In 1950, the Rebbe declined to lead the Lubavitch movement tough he was the natural choice for succession. He steadfastly refused to take on the role of ‘Rebbe’. A year later, on the first death anniversary of his father-in-law, he finally accepted and assumed Leadership. On one of the rare occasions the Rebbe addressed and explained that the gathering was not meant to honor an individual, but an entire movement. Therefore it isn’t relevant which individual heads the movement – only the movement itself. The success of the movement is dependent on the unity of all its followers, a unity that transcends their differences. In order to unite people who are diverse by nature, there needs to be a Leader who is servant to the cause, whose sole role is to teach and inspire and perpetuate the activities of the movement. Similarly, in our society today we need a movement. A movement of bringing about a change. We need Naga ‘Rebbe’ amongst us. We need a Leader who can walk the talk.


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