The need for the intervention of per diem parental care

Thoziisie Nyuwi
B.D Student,
Union Biblical Seminary, Pune

When we look at the present world of hurly-burly, what do you see? Do you see a society or a world where the families are integrating peaceably as a small unit where the Christian ethics and the moral values are been taught to the children’s or a world where the people or families persuade the greed of the world and place family over the worldly persuades. What do you see?


The world is going ahead with the modern advancement and also the fast growing; with tech-savvy world and the attitude has developed where our world is completely covered with the different modern aspects of life, it has started to spread the diseases not only between the youngsters but considerably even to the maximum adults( parents). The concern here is! As you persuade with plied of the fast growing world, Are you able to balance your family and work life? Are you able to notice what or how your children are living their life. Are you able to trace or scratch the other side of life which go unseen.


When we talk about Sunday schools we normally take it in the normative or orthodox thinking, where primarily only youngsters go. But here I want to make it clear that it’s not only theyoungsters that are entitled to Sunday schools. In fact it’s for everyone. Here we want to look beyond the same old thinking of where we picture kids going to Sunday schools and singing some short Sunday school verse song.


Here I want us to look at things in a bigger way. Undeniable as it is, Sunday school is a great training place where kids come and yes there are great testimonies, yes irrefutable. But how often to you see such changes that takes place last long. Now the question is the vitality of the Sunday school and the family. Which one do you think is more important or plays much role.


When we look back to the history we see that the families played an important role in executing the basic Christian values and ethics. The family abodes or houses were very much parallel to the church. In fact the houses and the families were church itself. The homes and the families were the diminutive congregation where the parents overlook and conduct the fellowships. Even the songs in the past were composed to meet the needs of the families in the family worship. We see now how important the family role was in the life’s of the people and the families. How effective it was in the life of the children’s.


Do you see your family placed in this category or are you out of the league? Maybe you have been depending and giving much vital role to be played in your children’s life by the Sunday school instead of you as a parent taking the vital role in moulding and Shaping your spouse. Today we need more intervention of the family in the life of the spouses rather than the secondary forces taking the vital role. No matter how busy you might be, you still know the strength and weakness of your children’s.


I believe, going back to the basics or the roots is what we should be focused to, right now, at this present juncture and learn from the basics how in the past the family was administered or how the family followed the family code of conduct. Now all I am trying to bring in is, the family should start interveningmore in the life of the spouses with the teachings of the moral values and constant reminder of the Christian ethics. Many at times we have a wrong thinking that our children have grown up so they will be find but remember! these ethics and values live with us until our death and the choice is whether you execute the ethics and the values and make our society a better place or you don’t use and die with it.


I belief our society will slowly if not gradually start to see the changes in the life’s of the individual be it family and society. Maybe it is also high time to start a soul-searching time in ourselves and bring it back to reality where once the family was the vital and the most important institution which played the role of varied different aspect which at the present day might look somewhat very orthodox but having a deeper thought about the application of the past will in turn have an impact to the society in many distinct ways bringing back the already existing cadaverous society.


In ‘Vital Christianity’( Vol 107), it writes, “ Will your family and families of those you love survive the closing decades of the twentieth century? Probably not, unless you take definite steps to preserve them. ” The need for the parental care is an essential of the moment to conceive or observe the pattern of life and guide and lead them in the right way. You and I should be the models, where your spouse and our younger generation look up to you and I as a source of great insights and provocation. Let love replace the violent nature in dealing with the children’s, Patience with intolerant heart. Let your toddler be subjected to you(Parents) but also keeping in mind that such subjection should not lead to the extremity where the danger of the parent-children relationship might dwindle.


I Want us to be clear, through this writing I am not subjugating the importance of the Sundays schools but rather it is a rhetoric approach to the parents to execute their role with more vitality which I belief is of the urgent need to act as the agent of change to our spouses and families and in turn having a wallop to the society bringing an indirect influence and change to the society in a very broader way.


May the peace and love of God be with you all.


God bless you.