The Other Face of Criticism

Strolling around Kohima, through its busy boulevards, hectic bazaars with all sort of commodities, the noise spiraling its waves to all directions, exiting alleys where people were going in and out busy in their own world, frenzied office-goers and last-in-row cab drivers lounging and ambling about, tiny tots going to school and returning with their caring nannies and parents; travelers navigating and shopping, innocent villagers enjoying their day out in the big wide city oblivious to what new things are coming about. Then the skimpy and skinny boys and girls from schools or colleges with their Korean outfits and egos, discussing trends and gizmos; gangs turning up from all corners kicking around with their fighting strategies along with Crows Zero consciousness.
Then I woke up from the day slumber. What and acrid zenith to a blissful dream! I drank tea and went on with my own businesses. Obviously I saw those usual skimpy school girls going with their topics full of the previous night’s Korean TV shows or movies, some on the Edward and Bella stuff (twilight), also not forgetting the certainty that they were all under one banner of competition ‘whose skirt is shorter?’ Meanwhile, the skinny and cool guys came around on their colorful hair-dos and fringes, Korean egos talking about gang fights and their latest fights.
It is not an unknown certitude that Korean culture is about to annihilate our culture, that it is dominating every teen’s mentality, brainwashing the present generation with ideologies far too great for us to adopt and adhere on. Yet we attend to it.
Well, many educated youths have turned their attention towards this Korean trend and are writing about it extensively almost in every paper and magazine a Naga would read, and also every blog a Naga would log in to. These articles are very distinct and demanding and they are helping.
We always talk about Naga-Koreans (by which I mean those who are following their culture), their behaviors and conduct. Not forgetting the Korean companies investing in Nagaland where many youths are allured and are being employed or unemployed in some way. This is the actual face of the present cultural criticism, nonetheless we have another face on this matter. ‘Luxury’ in a general sense is the other face, we wouldn’t admit because we do. If we go around colleges and schools, there’s a big deal on the costs and brands of what we wear, eat and use. We don’t like buying cheap apparels accepting the disgusting fact that it is not our standard, save the reasons and lifestyles. But I’d rather say this is true than to be quiet without. The gospel that the Western missionaries brought to the Nagas wasn’t at all everything we wanted. The missionaries did not bring their culture but instead the gospel was the reason for their advent. I guess that wasn’t enough, we of course embraced the good news for which we are very thankful to God and the missionaries. But as the world reaches the heights of civilization, the modernized world also dawns in with its culture into the culture of Nagaland, terminating all that is on its way and generating new ideologies on the surfaces that it step.
A Naga who lives in a city would turn up his/her nose at a villager or a fellow home brother/sister, everywhere we gaze there is a superior mental thinking especially on the things that we buy and use. Why do such things happen? I’d say we are good actors who can ape others exactly. Teaching a monkey isn’t difficult or any other animal because the master is the entire source, the animal will do what the master teaches.
Dr. Hokishe Sema said, “The turbulence of the hill streams automatically decline when they emerge into the main stream. Our endeavor is toward that end”.
There was once a threat which was establishing its root here in Nagaland and gradually it is growing, and that threat is the inclusive Korean culture. Now we have the other threat which will surely manifest its influence here in our unique traditional society. Pathetic it may seem, nobody can stop us from joining the main stream though our stream in unique and clean. Let us lose ourselves in the big wide sea of salt and bitterness.