The smile matters, as it is also the factor

Dr John Mohan Razu

Feeling dejected, totally devastated and gradually sulking despite New Year resolutions should not to be hampered and deterred, and therefore at all costs be countered and also by all means. If these negative factors allowed creeping into our minds, then it is natural and thus obvious that the body gets affected. Mind is the most important agency that keeps the body fit, and once it gets affected, then other parts of the body will follow through. We live in a world of anxiety and insecurity that have led to depression compounded by other related problems. It is unfortunate that the young India is currently caught up in the web of intense cut-throat competition and too-high expectations piling up to work pressures leading to suicidal tendencies.

What then the way out? Leave all that baggage behind, because year 2018 passed by and none can bring back the year 2018. What then is the use of harping over the things that went by and so one should live by the present and move on. Those who have been living in the past should leave those thoughts behind and cheer up because the present would certainly usher new possibilities and vicissitudes. Taking the problems on its own stride and managing them with grit and determination ought to be the core principle particularly of those who have been meted out and confronted with all sorts of problems. One should not buckle under pressure. Rather should be in a position to take on without succumbing to give-in to the impending problems.

In a given situation what would be the best possibility is to bury those thoughts behind and start cheering up and keep moving on. Brooding on and on will never lead to anything drastically different or alter the pastor the present. It is not just a philosophy, theology or something that is given as a remedy, but smiling is by and large scientific and pragmatic. In tune to this, the latest research published b Psychology Today exhorts that cheerfulness is not a personality trait. It’s a virtue. It’s something plausible and possible and therefore one can cultivate and nurture smiling and all of us can build on it. It’s is the need of the hour and over a period of time we failed to pursue and made that to work.

The study categorically points out that cheerfulness is part of human nature and thus become normal characteristic. It should also be part of hope and optimism, so that everyone could live at ease and have a smooth passage with better living environment. Whatever may be the contextual specificities there should be a space for people to laugh out and people have resorted to smiling despite hardships and mounting problems. While substantiating the author of Get The Life You Love and Live delineates that “The ability to remain joyful and laugh often can be developed with a bit of patience and understanding of what matter in life. It’s important to make cheerfulness our life goal.”

Many hardly could take it. However, an age-old saying views that those who have everything are happy because of the fact that the material factors contribute to their happiness. In reality it’s not true. Those who have everything are not happy. They have their own problems and live on certain support paraphernalia to forget their worries and anxieties; whereas the poor and those without any material support-base live and lead a happy life. To be cheerful is not something to be bought but rather be acquired. There are many things that make us to be cheerful and one should find ways to be cheerful. In tune to this, a renowned social psychologist Barbara L. Fredrickson, known for her specific studies on human emotion, says, “When you are young, other people orchestrate your enjoyment of life. Your parents keep you entertained, and in college, your friends make sure you are okay. But after that, the scaffolding of having a good day is taken away, and nobody is telling you how to provide that for yourself. You must daily do thing to increase your cheerful moments.”

Psychologists and others are now pondering over how to create cheerful moments so that people would be cheerful. On this Jasna Burza offers a few tips: “Choose to see the world as if everything is working out in your favor. Surround yourself by cheerful people. It’s almost impossible to be sullen when surround by cheerful and optimistic folks. We really do pick up habits and behaviors from those around us”. Therefore, we need to cultivate cheerfulness which should eventually becomes a part of our being. Brooding over and living on past shall never help us to move forward. There are better things to do in one’s life and more things to achieve and so we will have to strive to reach our goals and for that one smile at a time, which will keep us going.